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No matter the area of expertise you work in or manage, creativity will play a major role in keeping audiences engaged with your products or services. But how can you assure your creative content is supercharged to its full potential whilst being cost-efficient? 

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to rise, so does the need to budget cautiously. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep creating content in exciting and snazzy ways. 

Want to keep your marketing creative without breaking the piggy bank? Keep reading and dive into our top tips for clever creative! 

Get creative with your copywriting 

Thankfully, there’s no inflation for words, writing and the effective use of copywriting. 

Copy is essential across all business areas – from SEO performance and social media posting to blogs and campaign taglines. The perfect piece of writing can convince your customers to make that final click to purchase a product. 

Our copywriter’s top tip: Make sure your copy is personal and persuasive! Calls-to-action (CTAs) that address the customer personally perform 202% better than bog-standard, bland CTAs. 

For businesses looking to keep costs low, creative copywriting tends to be the first thing that gets cut. We’d recommend the opposite. Sorry to burst your bubble, but without practice and passion, copy that’s written and quality assured by randomers will be nowhere near as effective for audiences. 

People passionate about writing will maintain consistency across your campaigns and uphold best practices throughout your branding. 

Want further proof? Check out our blog on how language has helped create some of the greatest campaigns of all time right here

The pen is mighty, but you can only go so far with words on their own. Let’s explore how you can develop creative content even further without splashing the cash. 

Video content doesn’t have to be oscar-worthy  

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 87% of marketers say video strategies have increased traffic. 

Does that mean you need to bust out the big bucks and create high-production videos to keep audiences engaged? Nope!  

Though slick animations, motion graphics, and lens-flaring cinematography will show off your skills as a creative, it’s not entirely needed if you want to catch the audience’s attention in general (though maximum effort is still recommended).     

Despite the rise of TikTok and other social media video content, the most common type of video created are explainer videos. Whether it’s a promotional video explaining how your product works or what services your business offer, visually guiding audiences is an effective way to engage and potentially convert users into customers.  

There are many creative approaches to how you visually present your brand to audiences, from nicely designed illustrations to more cost-efficient methods like recording an unboxing of your product. 

Though many marketing agencies prefer making video content in-house, 32% use a mix of internal creative and outsourcing. If you’ve not got an in-house team you can rely on for awesome content that meets your briefs – get in touch with us. Our creatives love getting stuck into new projects. 

Go bananas with unique creative

Thinking outside the box is a great way to be creatively distinct with your campaigns; whilst allowing your team to do something unique through a cost-efficient approach. 

Guerilla marketing is defined as an unconventional way of advertising that drives awareness for your brand through emotive and provoking methods. 

The biggest purchase you’ll make in guerilla marketing is the creative effort you put into your campaign. Take time to think of something that will really catch the audience’s attention, whether it’s something you do inside, outside or digitally. 

Creating one-off events or repurposing older campaigns in new ways can potentially intrigue local news outlets, influencers and audiences. Guerilla marketing is at its best when it breaks away from typical advertising and disrupts the normality of conventional campaigns. 

However, to make sure you avoid community backlash, we recommend keeping guerilla campaigns eco-friendly and ethically sound. 

For more insights into guerilla marketing – check out our free film & entertainment report covering some outstanding guerilla campaigns.   

To take it to the next level, find the perfect balance of creatively engaging and collaborative. Researching geographical trends and events could help shape the creative direction of your campaign, leading to a stronger connection between audience and advert in public spaces. 

If you’d like expert advice on effectively advertising whilst keeping costs low or want some inspiration on the creative direction your campaigns could go – contact our professional team of marketing and creatives now. We’re 100% transparent about costs, so you’ll know exactly where your budget’s going if you work with us.


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