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    It’s Pride time! However, whenever your city celebrates pride, that doesn’t mean we have to wait around until the parties and parades kick off to get involved. 

    There are several ways you and your business can support the LGBTQIA community right now. Let’s dive into some specific examples that help these societies in all the right ways! 

    Donate to create 

    Charities across your local area make all the difference in supporting those impacted due to their identification. The best thing you can do is donate to those charities and keep their continuous strides for change strong. 

    Whether it’s independently or a collective donation from your team, investing in a charity that resonates with your values is a perfect springboard into a supportive mind frame. 

    There are so many wonderful charities to choose from too. AllSorts, a charity we support, enables LGBT+ children and young people to develop their voice, influence and place in society. They’re a fantastic organisation we’ve proudly worked alongside – click here to see our work with them.

    Perhaps you’d like to share the support organisations far and wide. You can do exactly that with Amazon Smile – a service that allows you to shop through Amazon whilst they donate to your favourite charitable organisation, at no cost to you. 

    So, get to researching something that matters to you and your team; there’s a charity out there that needs supporting, and you’re the missing piece! 

    Get Educated! 

    It’s one thing to support communities; the extra step is understanding why these communities need support. Get yourself educated! Make a day of it and travel to a seminar, lecture or creative event that delves into the topics you’re unfamiliar with. 

    Queer Frontiers: An Exhibition Celebrating the Work of Ashton Attzs is a multi-site exhibition celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community throughout Brookfield Properties buildings in the City Of London. Ashton is a 24-year-old UK-based painter and illustrator whose work resonates strongly with communities across the spectrum. 

    Additionally, our friends at AllSorts have a training and education section regarding everything to do with organisations and businesses; tailor-made for companies who want to understand the critical issues and challenges experienced by exploring individuals’ sexual orientation or gender identity.

    Put your money where your mouth is 

    Don’t just preach; splash that cash and make it rain! There are plenty of LGBTQ-owned brands around you can shop through and support financially. The scope of brands owned by the LGBTQ+ community is forever expanding – so explore the ones that dish out those delightful products you’re into.  

    One of our favourites is the Bokksu Monthly Subscription Box, which delivers authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sourced directly from centuries-old family makers. Not only is Bokksu empowering unheard voices and supporting communities, but it also tastes so so good. 

    Brand engagement can come from all sorts of places. Your business could promote brands’ products across social media, shouting from the rooftop how great they are. Sometimes, sharing the spotlight and highlighting other companies’ efforts is a great way to get the conversations rolling. 

    Turn up!

    We can’t talk Pride without mentioning all the fab-tastic events across the country. From Brighton’s Pride Parade to LGBTQ+ tours around London – there’s a ton to get stuck into or boogie throughout the day (and night). 

    Of course, the overall revenue for these events is insane, with Brighton Pride boosting the city’s economy by £20,500,000! 

    However, it’s just as important to pump revenue into the businesses catering across the events. Take the time to thank, post about and appreciate all the hard-working individuals who aren’t dancing madly in the streets and have the impossible task of serving food to slightly-less-than-sober celebrators. 

    These small businesses are at the heart of the LGBTQ+ community. Acknowledge their voices and services – they’re a vital piece of community growth and representation. 

    Take Accountability  

    More than ever, it’s time to be an ally. For starters, to be supportive at a base level costs absolutely nothing. 

    As a business, you can use platforms to catalyse conversations, challenge less inclusive branding or highlight the work of talented individuals in the community. 

    Educate yourself on the importance of these cultures and ensure their voices and identity are represented respectfully throughout branding, be it creative, copy or casting. 

    And remember, Pride is a celebration; the conversations and communities live on throughout the year alongside everything else. Don’t limit these discussions to 4 weeks only – continuously engage, support and spotlight those in the LGBTQ+ community! 


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