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Is distribution often an afterthought? Here’s how to advertise your latest movie or campaign with cinema marketing –  getting bums back on seats. But first, why cinema? 

With a forever expanding amount of VOD platforms and the return of box office behemoths in the cinema – opportunities in film marketing have never been so diverse. 

But when more avenues open up, so do the careful considerations of marketers. Where’s the best spot for you to promote your work? Are cinemas back in full swing? And are they the perfect platform for your audience?

Today, we’re guiding you through in-person Cinema marketing. But why stop there? We’re making an offer you hopefully can’t refuse – spotlighting what we can do for your campaigns and films! 

Grab your buttered-up popcorn and get comfy; our feature presentation is about to start! 

Back to the big screen? 

After a long time in a galaxy I call my isolation station (bedroom), the days of venturing back to the cinema are finally upon us. 

Though the cinema never completely disappeared, the pandemic’s impact on cinema revenue was gigantic.  

According to The Motion Picture Association’s annual THEME report, theatrical revenue went from a whopping $42.3 billion in 2019 to $12 billion in 2020. But now, we’re starting to see bums on seats once again! 

Thanks to successes such as ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ and the long-awaited sequel, ‘Top Gun: Maverick”, we’re seeing a healthy age range of audiences cruise back into the lobbies. This means there are plenty of target audiences your ads can shine in front of once more. 

This is what i call a target rich environment

We’ll fly with you! 

So, what’s our take on the return of cinema, and how can we help make sure your film marketing flies smoothly?  

The big issue right now is that top dog film distributors are seeking the spotlight. With cinemas feeling safe again, big brands want the theatre revenue they once had before. 

So, independent films (and the campaigns that run along with them) struggle to break back onto the big screens. But that doesn’t mean it’s a mission impossible – we’re ready to take on the challenge. 

Our advice? Support those indie venues! If your films or campaigns can’t reach the mainstream theatres, engage with specific events or venues that cater to film enthusiasts looking for something not so Marvel-ly. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch.

That’s where we swoop in! 

Our work with the central London venue, Soho Theatre, shows our spirited efforts in driving event goers to book and return to in-person shows. 

Following the COVID restrictions easing up, Arke’s task was to continue driving sales in an always-on capacity, developing awareness and reach among Soho Theatre’s target audiences. 

These efforts would increase ticket sales for a new season of in-person live shows, maximise ROAS and increase conversion rates over time. 

Delivering a full-funnel campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Google Search, we promoted Soho’s exceptional brand alongside its various events and services. 

And the results sweetly speak for themselves: 

If you’d like to dive deeper into our work with Soho Theatre, be sure to check out our case study covering all the little details.

We’d be delighted to help spotlight your films or campaigns on the slightly smaller, bigger screens. Whether it’s through paid media, social strategies or distinct creative, we want your work to be the first thing people see as the curtains open! 

Here's to looking at you, kid.

The show will go on! 

Though it’s still early days, cinema is steadily getting back into the groove of things. However, with the rise of VOD and PVOD, there are plenty of other options to explore and experiment with. 

If that’s something that sparks your interest, we’ll be covering all things streamy next week, with even more insights into our own campaigns to promote your fab films and ads. 

If you’d like help supercharging a paid media campaign for your film or entertainment business or want advice on which audiences to target with your ads – contact our paid media team now


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