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Roll up, roll up! It’s our sweet selection of the best ads and campaigns out there right now.

We asked our Arkenauts to deep-dive into their favourites from the last few weeks, and they certainly found the cream of the crop!  

No time like the present! Let’s get some inspiration for your creative campaigning and explore why these ads tick for our team.

KFC – La Massacre 

Is there anything better than pizza and fried chicken? Yes, pizza and fried chicken smushed together! 

If the adventures of the Hawkins crew in Stranger Things and the insane rise in Kate Bush mania have taught us anything recently – nostalgia hits big with audiences. 

In 2022, we’ve been nostalgic for electronic synths, mullets, mavericks, and, who can forget, over-the-top gore. We also know this collection in its general definition – the 80s. And KFC wants in on the action. 

To promote the limited-run item Pollizza, a pizza that swaps out the classic dough for a fried chicken base (yes, you read that right), KFC partnered with PS21 and created the 80s B-movie-inspired short film – La Massacre.  

The short features your classic cabin in the woods ensemble of teenagers in grave-y danger; only this time, the killer is a pizza gone rotten. The film relishes the cheesy and saucy-gory style of 80s horror, paying homage to classics like The Evil Dead and Gremlins. 

OOH, Horror-styled posters were also designed to promote the film in Madrid, pre-premiere. 

80s-styled horror poster for the premiere of La Massacre.

NYSU, the director of La Massacre, states

“We were always clear that we didn’t want to make a parody of the genre, nor make fun of it, but to make an incredible piece that respected the codes and rules of the B series. That’s why the most complicated thing was to escape from the ‘vice’ of advertising, where perfection is sought in every shot.”  

That’s some practical advice for all you creatives eager to nostalgia-fy your campaigns. It’s all in respect and presentation. Your campaign doesn’t need high-production values to engage audiences; it needs emotional connection. 

The results will speak for themselves. The film has attained over 100,000 views, with a social media reach of 13 million and 1.3 million interactions. 

On a bigger scale, Top Gun Maverick is another fantastic example of respecting the source material and winning audiences over. We’re looking forward to a revival in 90s advertising – we want Tamagotchi’s back in the spotlight. 

ManyPets – Pet Insurance

Who’s my best friend? You are! Yes, you are! 

Since the lockdown, pet ownership in the UK grew immensely, with 27% of adults now owning a dog and 24% having cats. 

We’re biased. We see cute animals; we’ll buy whatever you want. ManyPets launched a campaign all dog & cat lovers will bark over. 

The simple yet striking ad highlights the well-being benefits animals can have on your lifestyle, placing pure cuteness at the forefront of the campaign. 

However, it’s not just the aww-some imagery that connects with audiences; it’s also the direct copy. “90% of people say their pets help them feel calm. “Insure your happiness” highlights why pet ownership can help with mental health, with a CTA that assures your pets are living their best life too. 

Created by Uncommon Creative Studios, co-founder Lucy Jameson states:

“We wanted to remind people that they have to insure their pets to ensure their happiness. Plus, this was one more weapon in my war of attrition trying to persuade my husband to let us have a dog….”

The key takeaway here? Simplicity sells, and everything has to work together. You don’t need extravagant copy. In fact, only 20% of people will read beyond the headline – so make sure you pack a punch with your word choice. 

But you can’t leave your copy on its lonesome – 94% of content with good imagery receive more views than text-only marketing. A zoomed-in picture of a puppy can make all the difference to your campaign…and your hearts. 

A zoom in to a very good boy smiling at the camera

The Lost Class   

Creative disruption at its boldest and finest. 

1.4 billion impressions. 66% increase in background conversations. 12 Pencils received at the 2022 D&AD awards. But, most importantly, reminding the entire world why things need to change…  

The Lost Class is a haunting, game-changing campaign. In honour of the 3,044 high school students tragically taken too early from shootings across the US, Leo Burnett Chicago held a graduation ceremony for the students. 

The imagery alone packs an emotional punch, visually emphasising the gravity of the situation. However, the wide variety of creative assets and marketing mediums The Lost Class utilised makes its stance on gun control loud, dominant and disruptively engaging across all platforms. 

It wasn’t enough for LBC and their client, Change the Ref, to hold an empty ceremony. Two well-known gun advocates then, unknowingly, gave the commencement address to the rows upon rows of empty chairs. In an instant, these men became anti-gun spokesmen. 

Since the lunch of the campaign, the petition to pass universal background checks for gun sales has 120,201 signatures. 

The boldness of the campaign worked wonders in both ad engagement and deeper discussions regarding gun control. But it does come with its warning for agencies and brands wanting to tackle charged topics. 

Guerilla marketing is always a risky investment. There’s a lot to consider – from ethics and well-being to assuring your message comes across clearly to your audience. However, when done right, it can be one of the most effective ways to advertise. 

Always look for unconventional ways to market your brand or product. If you’d like thorough insights and recommendations into creative campaigning – contact our creative team now


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