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The recent shift from Discovery campaigns to the innovative Demand Gen campaign type brings a new era for paid media marketers. Google has officially confirmed this transition, signalling a pivotal move towards an AI-driven ecosystem within Google Ads, capturing mid-funnel demand from users.

From October, Demand Gen campaigns will be available to all advertisers in Google Ads and your Discovery campaigns will be eligible for upgrades. Once upgraded, all of your historical data and learnings from your Discovery campaigns will be seamlessly carried over to your new Demand Gen campaigns, so are you prepared for the inevitable switch?

Embracing the dawn of Demand Gen campaigns

The inception of Google’s Demand Gen campaign type was witnessed in June 2023, marking a significant moment alongside the introduction of Video View campaigns. These cutting-edge campaigns are meticulously crafted to harness the potential of artificial intelligence, all while catering to users situated within the mid-funnel of their buyer journey.

These campaigns bring forth a more “social” advertising approach, amplifying captivating video and image assets across Google’s visual platforms, now including YouTube and YouTube Shorts, as well as the previously available Discover and Gmail. Advertisers are now empowered to embrace a diverse range of ad formats, seamlessly integrating video and image assets within a single campaign:

  • Engaging short-form videos
  • Interactive carousels
  • Portraits
  • Square images

Furthermore, advertisers have the advantage of incorporating first-party data into their campaigns and broadening their reach through Lookalike audiences to tap into new customer segments. Given that the primary aim of Demand Gen campaigns is to foster conversions, enhance site traffic, and prompt valuable actions, a range of Smart Bidding strategies are at advertisers’ disposal. This includes the option to bid for conversions, conversion value, and maximise clicks, providing a comprehensive toolkit to optimise campaign performance.

When to use Google Demand Gen campaigns

Elevate Conversions: Use Demand Gen campaigns to drive sales, sign-ups, and website visits effectively at scale through supported marketing objectives.

Expand Customer Reach: Reach untapped audiences by showcasing visually enticing brand content on Google’s feeds, sparking interest when potential customers are open to discovering new brands.

Revitalise Connections: Reconnect with your loyal customers through Demand Gen efforts, leveraging Google’s feeds to prompt action from those familiar with your brand, whether they’ve made purchases, engaged with your YouTube channel, or visited your website.

When will the transition happen?

Beta Access: Advertisers can immediately sign up for the beta program, gaining early access to the transformative capabilities of Demand Gen campaigns.

Immediate Action: Advertisers approved for the beta can initiate the creation of Demand Gen campaigns right away. This phase ensures a seamless transition for active Discovery campaigns within the approved account, which will be automatically upgraded to Demand Gen campaigns.

Phase 2 – October 2023: Demand Gen campaigns will become available to all advertisers, marking a significant milestone. Existing Discovery campaigns will also become eligible for upgrades during this phase.

Phase 3 – By March 2024: The rollout will conclude, with all remaining Discovery campaigns automatically upgraded to the more dynamic Demand Gen campaigns.

What does this mean for advertisers?

As the digital landscape transforms, it’s crucial for advertisers to adapt their strategies accordingly. Some key considerations are as follows:

Reporting: Demand Gen campaigns won’t feature placement-level reporting. However, advertisers will have access to standard reporting, including asset-level insights.

Transition Challenges: Metrics might show fluctuations during the migration, especially if transitioning to YouTube placements, known for their distinct engagement levels.

Creative Optimisation: With Demand Gen campaigns embracing a visual approach, advertisers should optimise creatives for a seamless user experience, aligning with the campaign’s enhanced visual nature.

What’s next?

The transition from Discovery to Demand Gen campaigns is more than a mere shift – it’s a transformation that heralds a new era in digital advertising. The powerful capabilities of Demand Gen campaigns, backed by AI and innovative ad formats, are set to reshape the way brands engage with their audience.

As we eagerly anticipate the rollout of Demand Gen campaigns, take proactive steps to align your advertising strategy with the future. Begin crafting a visual content strategy that resonates with mid-funnel users, leveraging the potential of Demand Gen’s immersive ad formats.

At Arke, we’re always one step ahead of the digital curve. If you have any questions about how we can help take your strategies to the next level in preparation for the next generation of ads, get in touch with an Arkenaut today.


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