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    TikTok has launched its all-new interactive marketing tool – TikTok Insights. So, what can it do for your brand and the amazing TikTok ads you’re making? 

    With a sweet selection of filters and features at hand, Insights is an absolute must for marketers wanting to spice up their strategies. Let’s see how! 

    What is TikTok Insights? 

    TikTok Insights is a new feature that allows marketers to filter, categorise and analyse specific data taken from TikTok and understand what’s working well with audiences. 

    If you have a thirst to filter down, Insights offer a range of categories marketers can specify in their search. For example, you can monitor specific audiences, such as Gen Z and millennials, or even geographical locations. 

    An image showing the stats and insights gathered from TikTok when looking at specific demographics and filters.

    Take this, for example. TikTok Insights gathers tons of data to show marketers how engaging your content could be if you cater to these behaviours or emotions.   

    TikTok Insights works similarly to Meta’s Insights to Go, another analysis tool highlighting key data points on Facebook. So a quick glimpse over there could make all the difference. 

    Whether you’re looking at specific industries or looking for some show-off stats for your presentation, Insights is the place to be if you want to understand how audiences are engaging with content.

    Which boxes do TikTok Insights Tick(Tok)? 

    Your social media strategies will differ depending on the platform you’re using. What works for Instagram may flop on TikTok, so it’s good to know what and who your ads are for before jumping in. 

    By using Insights, you can inform, plan, and guide your strategies, so they align with already engaging content on the platform. That’s what we call native advertising!

    Additionally, Insights gives you a perspective on what’s currently trending. Which TikTok influencers are carrying the conversation? Which hashtags could your brand engage with right now?

    If your marketing goal is to engage with trending topics and build up your brand’s online identity, knowing what already works will make the pre-production of campaigns a breeze.  

    It’s not ticking perfectly yet…

    However, TikTok Insights has only just launched, so we’re bound to see a few cracks and crinkles with its analysis. 

    As of now, the database for insights isn’t exactly expansive, with many data points popping up in different categories. It’s not super specific, but it’s also very early days. 

    We’d recommend using Insights to the best of its capabilities whilst also utilising other social listening and monitoring tactics until Insights reaches peak performance. 

    Why should you use TikTok Insights? 

    There’s no doubt about how humungous TikTok is. According to a recent report conducted by App Annie, TikTok is projected to exceed 1.5 Billion users in 2022.  

    With TikTok Insights, that number becomes less daunting with the ability to break down and analyse what’s working for specific communities. So, if you’re unsure of the right social media strategy for your content – Insights is the best place to start. 

    But remember! Don’t put all your eggs in one insightful basket; be sure to gather sufficient research and make informed decisions.

    We have a blog all about supercharging your business for TikTok in 2022 – click here to read right now! 

    We’ll update you on all things TikTok on our LinkedIn. Until then, if you’d like further insights as to why TikTok is the perfect ad space or want advice on creating solid social media campaigns – contact our team now


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