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The Next Phase For Arke: Alex Watson Appointed Managing Director

At Arke, our foundation is built on principles of transparency, data-driven results, and innovation. These core values drive our mission to deliver unparalleled solutions and services to our clients.

It is the dedication and talent of our exceptional Arkenauts that truly bring these principles to life. Individuals like Alex Watson, our CRO, exemplify the spirit of Arke, continuously pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.

It is with great pride that we are announcing the promotion of Alex Watson from Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to Managing Director (MD). As Arke’s MD, Alex will be responsible for leading the way for business strategy, overseeing operations, and ensuring our passion for excellence is embodied in everything we do.

This change in leadership marks a milestone at Arke. Arke started as a team of one in our founder Steph Nobles’ living room, and just seven short years later, we have become an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning agency.

Alex’s step into an MD position also marks a change for Steph, who is transitioning from Managing Director to CEO.

The change reflects our commitment to continued growth and excellence, innovation and dedication to our clients and values, and with Alex at the forefront, Arke Agency is poised for a dynamic new chapter.

About this exciting next step for Arke, Steph said:

“The journey I’ve been on so far with Arke has been one of growth, reflection and a lot of fun. In these seven years, I’ve learnt that the alignment of goals and trust is the biggest contributor to our success. With this, I’m excited to have appointed Alex Watson as our Managing Director. Since Alex joined Arke two and a half years ago, he was the first person I turned to for strategic direction, being a logical soundboard for growth planning.

Having seen our business goals achieved quarter-on-quarter my role is now becoming the CEO of Arke. I’ll be working strategically with our client’s, creating and adapting Arke’s long term strategy and planning effectively to continuously build upon our success. This means Alex is taking on my current day-to-day responsibilities, working seamlessly with our heads of department and ensuring Arke’s culture continues to shine, support and be true to what we stand for. We’re growing, we’re motivated and we’re committed.”

We sat down to discuss Alex’s journey, vision, and the future he envisions for our company.

Tell us about your Arke journey, where did it all start and lead you to where you are now?

My journey at Arke started two and a half years ago when I was brought in to develop the sales and marketing strategy and process for new business acquisition, which quickly evolved to combine with client retention and growth. Over the years, I’ve had the honour of working with an incredibly talented team and working closely with Steph, who is now transitioning from MD and CEO to CEO. Steph and I have known each other for 12 years and worked together for 8 of those. We know exactly how each other ticks, what frustrates and excites one another, and have very open communication. This long-standing relationship has been pivotal in understanding each other’s strengths and aligning our expectations and business objectives. The two and a half years have had their ups and downs, challenges and successes, and we have learnt from them all. It’s been an incredible journey that has brought me to this point!

What are some of the key achievements you are most proud of during your tenure as CRO?

We have had so many wins over the past couple of years, from working with BFI Player, to London Gatwick and many other awesome clients, and every week we have more and more to look back on. Just last week we launched our new Arke website, we won a significant tender, I became MD, and we booked our summer party! Keep your eyes peeled for pictures on socials soon!

I’m so lucky to have such a dedicated and talented team by my side, and I’m proud to see and support the professional and personal growth of the team. Working so closely together during some high-pressure moments has pushed us to identify strengths and weaknesses, and build on these to individually be the best we can be! This shines through how work as a supportive team that works on some great client partnerships, and won some incredible national and international awards along the way.

How have these accomplishments prepared you for the role of Managing Director?

Each achievement has given me a deep appreciation and understanding of our business, clients, and team – and we/I have evolved with each! Working so closely with Steph and our Senior Ops Exec Elif has provided invaluable learning and insights into the operational and strategic aspects needed to lead the business effectively. These lessons will be crucial as I step into the MD role, where I’ll focus on continuing our excellence, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and driving our strategic goals forward. I’ve also learnt that along the way you need to have fun and celebrate the wins – it’s too easy to rush month to month without looking back. We have created a wonderful culture across the team and clients that I only hope to build upon – being an agency people want to work at, or work with.

What excites you the most about transitioning from CRO to MD?

The transition from CRO to MD is exciting because it highlights the trust that Steph and the team put in me, a responsibility I value greatly and am excited to prove. I’m thrilled to work even more closely with our talented department heads and directly impact our strategic direction. Leading Arke into its next phase and continuing to establish ourselves as industry leaders is a huge responsibility and an honour. We have clearly defined and, importantly, realistic objectives and strategies for the next five years and beyond – and I am excited to deliver against them with the team.

What is your vision for the company’s future under your leadership as MD?

My vision for Arke’s future is one where we thrive in a competitive market through strategic innovation and through challenging the norms. We’re in a great position to invest in our team and give our clients the expertise and support that they require to succeed themselves. Moving forward, I aim to focus on recognising our team’s exceptional work, fostering bold ideas, and driving impactful results for our clients. It’s about delivering the best work possible, nurturing our team’s growth, and maintaining our leadership in the industry. Above all, I want to create an environment where everyone feels valued, inspired, and excited about our journey together. And yes, we’ll be celebrating our successes!

Poised for success

Alex Watson’s transition from Chief Revenue Officer to Managing Director is a reflection of his deep understanding of our business, clients, and team dynamics. He has been an integral part of the Arke structure for years and his strategic achievements and collaborative relationships have prepared him to steer Arke towards continued excellence.

With a vision focused on innovation, team growth, and client success, Alex is set to lead Arke into an exciting future, fostering an environment of inspiration and achievement, and we are thrilled to see what comes next.

Visit our About page to learn more about Arke’s entire team of experts.

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