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    Keep your brand up-to-date on social media with these industry updates!

    From the latest in Snapchat to Twitter and TikTok, you’ll find out how to use new tools to boost your brand presence and push your products or services to your audience.

    Snapchat reveals its unique audience

    Snapchat has revealed it has a unique audience who use the platform more frequently on a daily basis than other channels and sometimes in silos. 

    While some brands underestimate Snapchat, thinking of it as a platform used solely by teenagers taking selfies, the latest Snapchat update has shed light that the platform serves a unique purpose among 16-24-year-olds: communication. 

    We live in an interconnected world, and social media is no different. Most social media users engage with 6 platforms regularly. However, Snapchatters interact with platforms differently. 

    While daily Snapchat user engages with the app more than 20 times per day, only 58% of those Snapchatters also use TikTok daily, demonstrating an affinity for Snapchat. 

    So which platforms cross over with Snapchat? Studies have shown that Instagram is the most closely-aligned platform to Snapchat, with 71% of Snapchat users also using Instagram daily.

    Brands looking to advertise either on Snapchat or Instagram should use this information to inform their marketing strategy and create omnichannel campaigns across both platforms for maximum brand awareness and engagement among audiences.

    What’s surprising is that Snapchatters use Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger the least, suggesting that Snapchat has become a key messaging platform for this audience. For brands, this may help shape marketing strategies focusing more on direct messaging and driving brand awareness through the app. 

    Have you considered using Snapchat for business marketing? Or are you unsure how to use Snapchat to market your brand? We’re Snapchat partners, meaning we can offer your brand up to £5,000 matched Snapchat ad spend. That means that for every penny you spend on Snapchat advertising, we’ll match it up to the value of £5,000, so you could get £5,000 worth of ad spend to boost your brand. 

    Get in touch to claim your free ad spend.

    Twitter announces the Twitter Pixel

    What is the Twitter conversion pixel?

    A pixel is a small piece of code that sits in the header of your website that helps to track site actions and, more importantly, conversions. And now Twitter’s launched a new, shiny version so you can better analyse the success of your campaigns.

    Essentially, Twitter has combined two of their previous web tags – the Universal Web Tags and Single Event Tags into one to simplify the process whilst helping you measure marketing campaign effectiveness.

    While the pixel is a great addition to Twitter’s tracking toolset, there’s still the question of what will happen when third-party cookies eventually fade out. Will the pixel continue to work? 

    The bad news? Pixels run on third-party cookies, so the pixel will likely need a reboot when cookies fade out. 

    The good news? Twitter’s one step ahead. They announced a second update – a Conversion API. We won’t cross your wires with the details, but the API essentially connects the dots between your Twitter page and any actions taken by users. Importantly, it will allow you to see conversion data and will bypass the need for third-party cookies and the pixel, making it future-proof. 

    TikTok ramps up its ecommerce integrations

    Since the conception of TikTok, we’ve seen the influencer sphere blow up, and purchases are being made more than ever on the platform. In fact, 37% of users discover products on TikTok and immediately buy them. Following this shopping trend, TikTok has launched new shopping ads. 

    But what’s exactly new about this TikTok update?

    The shopping ads aim to follow users around the platform, allowing brands to promote their products in-stream. Products will pop up on videos, offering users the chance to purchase them immediately – and on live streams.

    Dubious? Don’t be. TikTok’s already trialled this on Douyin with success, with in-stream commerce being the most effective way to attract sales.

    What do you need to do? 

    We’d recommend trialling this new integration as an extension of your current social media marketing strategy, as 56% of TikTok users say that ads on the platform lead them to discover new products and brands, helping to move consumers through the funnel. 

    Unsure where to start? We’ve launched successful social media campaigns for clients in a variety of sectors, so contact us to talk about your plans on TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat! 


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