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Mallorca, Mexico or Montenegro? Wherever you or your audience loves visiting, you can now use people’s vacay preferences to inform your targeting strategy. Introducing Snapchat’s latest feature: Dynamic Travel Ads. Ready for your ads to take off? It’s time to jet-set to success. Here’s everything you need to know:

What are dynamic ads? 

Dynamic ads are flexible banners that change their content based on the user they’re being served to. This means you make your ads even more personalised to your audience, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Who can benefit from dynamic ads? 

Travel agencies, retailers, auto dealerships, hotel chains or food delivery companies can all benefit from serving dynamic ads. If that’s you, or you simply want to learn more about the update, keep on reading!

What does it do, exactly? 

The new update will help you advertise your business better on Snapchat by allowing you to retarget users who have been to your site before, advertising based on their hotel preferences, destinations and flight routes. You can also:

  • Reach audiences who haven’t interacted with your brand before. With high-tech machine learning, sit back and let Snapchat serve ads to users based on travel interests and the popularity of listings and destinations
  • Drive bookings with locally-relevant retargeting. With the update, you can deliver the best, most-relevant travel ads for audiences. For example, you’ll gather a better understanding of where your customers are keen on travelling, then serve ads relating to the best villa, hostel or hotel for their travel style

How does it do this? 

There’s visitor data on 49 million places in the Snap Map, enabling Snapchat to collate that data and serve advanced, locally-relevant adverts to holiday makers and keen jet setters. 

Dynamic Ads utilise Snap’s pixel tracking to match user behaviours and Snapchat’s internal data and activity tracking. Basically, it improves tracking and, best of all, it does it all for you!

Why should you consider using Dynamic Travel Ads? 

  • Studies show that Snapchatters are more likely to travel than users of other platforms, making Snapchat the perfect placement to generate high ROI for your brand
  • 76% of Snapchatters are planning on travelling to their much loved pre-pandemic holiday spots – offering a lot of retargeting information. With dynamic ads, you can encourage them to use your services over your competitors
  • Gen Z and millennial Snapchatters are 37% more likely to book travel after being served a travel ad. With Dynamic Travel Ads, you can make it even easier to convince them that they need a holiday this year. After all, who doesn’t? 

Are there any other cool new features?

Yes – Snapchat didn’t stop at Dynamic Travel Ads; they’ve made it even better by introducing a ‘Location Aware’ catalogue that further personalises ads. This feature allows you to add information about latitude and longitude to tailor your message or offer to wherever your audience is in the world. Now that’s relevancy at its best. 

Does it work? 

Absolutely – when using Dynamic Travel Ads in beta testing, Etihad Airways reduced their cost per flight search by 4 times and saw a 307% increase in ROAS compared to the results of their other ad campaigns. Want to do the same? 

What do you need to do? 

  1. Remember that Snapchat is a unique platform, and your dynamic ads need to reflect the format and style of Snapchat ads. Always be creative in your approach!
  2. If you’re not already advertising on Snapchat, try it out. Put a little budget into split-testing your campaigns and see the results for yourself! 
  3. Talk to us about what you want to achieve – we’ll get you set up and shoot your Snapchat ads into the skies (literally and figuratively). 


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