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    Repurposing content is a common practice when you’re putting the strat in your social media attack. But, there are essential pros and cons to doing so… 

    Want to make sure you’re repurposing content the right way? 

    Want to make sure you’re repurposing content the right way? 

    (See what we did there?) 

    Let’s dive in! 

    What does repurposing content mean?

    Repurposing content means taking existing content your talented team have already made and then adapting it to use on another social media platform. 

    Made some awesome assets for Instagram but don’t want them to go to waste? Wrap them up and put them on Snapchat. Okay, it’s not as simple as just that, but that’s the general idea. 

    It’s a fundamental foundation in content marketing, even employed by the big-dog social channels themselves. In fact, we got all giddy about this blog idea in the first place because of that! 

    TikTok – heard of it? – is reportedly announcing a fancy new feature allowing users to download their TikTok content without a watermark

    Beforehand, marketers would have to use finicky third-party apps to remove watermarks or deal with them being there when repurposing content onto other social channels. 

    With this new feature, you can still use all of TikTok’s native editing software and download the video without affecting its quality. Winner, winner. 

    Repurposing positives

    There are a ton of practical and pragmatic positives to repurposing content. Such as… 

    • Reusing content that’s already been made is a massive time-saver, allowing you and the team to work on other projects or creative assets. 
    • Repurposing content lets you get more mileage out of your work. By adapting content to other platforms, you don’t just save time; you save money! Having cost-efficient content is always a pro. 
    • Looking to improve search engine optimisation? By using the same content across multiple platforms, you create more backlinks. Ultimately, this leads more audiences to your website and brand, increasing traffic and search engine ranking.

    How to repurpose properly

    Before you boogie on down to the latest TikTok trend and start reposting elsewhere, let’s make sure you know about the hurdles and concerns regarding repurposing content. 

    Duplication creates bad representation 

    As we mentioned above, it’s not as simple as ctrl, alt, v. If you pop content on other social platforms without any changes, you risk content duplication. 

    Your audience might become disinterested in what you’re posting if they see your brand doing the same thing on every platform, and it doesn’t exactly give them a reason to follow your other channels. Duplicating content can potentially damage your brand’s reputation – which we’d all like to avoid! 

    It’s vital you consider the potential changes content may need. Does copy need to be rewritten? If it’s a video, does it need editing so it fits the length of time on the platform?

    Essentially, is the repurposed content going to engage your audience on a different platform; are they the same audience at all?

    Not quite the right size 

    What works well on one platform might not on another. Social media channels have different formats and requirements. Something that looks snazzy on Snapchat might look sh*t on Facebook. Your content needs to feel nice and natural. 

    This isn’t just from a technical point of view, either. Does the content’s tone (music, colours, typography etc.) resonate with audiences on another platform? 

    From a creative perspective, it’s a really good idea to step back and review if your content looks native to the platform you’re placing it on. If you don’t, it can result in a lack of engagement with audiences. 

    We can help you out!

    Repurposing content is a challenging balancing act. On one side of the coin, you save money and time. On the other, you risk brand boredom if done incorrectly. 

    It’s finding that sweet spot of where and how you repurpose your content that makes it a powerful tool in your marketing pouch. And we’re here to help! 

    Our creative and paid media experts bring your stories and brand to social platforms with seamless continuity. Through a thorough social strategy, we’ll make sure all the content out there – new or reused – creates genuine engagement and delivers results. 

    So, if you want to know more about getting the most out of content, or need a social strategy in place so you’re ticking all the boxes – get in touch with our team today


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