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That sweet scent of partnership is breezing through the office right now. 

Arke is proud to announce our partnership with Shay & Blue, the fragrance company putting the natural and the individual at the forefront of their aromas. With a rooted affection for diverse and distinct fragrances, Shay & Blue intertwine inclusivity with eco-friendliness, creating scents aimed at everyone. 

Our results-driven approach has led to this blossoming relationship. We’ll be devoting our time to nurturing, enriching and sustaining Shay & Blue’s zestful personality and transparent values of community. 

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Lumley, Managing Director at Shay & Blue, said: “We couldn’t think of a better partnership to support us in taking Shay & Blue to the next level. Arke Agency appealed to us on every level, from their refreshing approach to transparency, and a strong focus on driving results, Arke’s core values and mission aligned with our own.”

“It is important to us that we work with companies that embody our core beliefs, and with Arke, we can trust that the juicy, clean and kind message stays at the heart of our brand. We look forward to working closely with the Arke team and seeing the results in action!”

“We’re thrilled to be working alongside a team whose passions and projects embody our own desires to springboard diversity and environmentally-charged changes in advertising. The grapevine of creative potential has our team eager to shape a narrative that explores the unspoken connection between ourselves and the world around us.” 

Steph Noble, Founder at Arke

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for Shay & Blue’s upcoming campaigns and products, so be sure to check in on our LinkedIn for all our latest news and updates.


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