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Mother’s Day isn’t just about flowers and cards— a perfect opportunity to get in front of your target audience and their circles to create real brand moments. In the UK alone, last year’s spending on Mother’s Day soared to a staggering £1.28 billion, with projections indicating further growth in 2024 this presents a great opportunity for advertisers.

The topic of “Mother’s Day” garners attention from a substantial audience of 116,677,670 individuals on Facebook. Within this audience, men represent 25.7%, while women make up 74.3%. The predominant age group among those interested in Mother’s Day falls within the 25-34 range, constituting 32.75% of the total audience. Given that Facebook is the number one platform for adults, understanding its audience is crucial for devising the social media strategy for your business.

According to the Feed Marketing Report 2022, Facebook reigns supreme as the top choice for online advertisers, second only to Google Shopping. With over 100M Mothers Day-related posts generated globally on Facebook it’s time to seize the moment and tap into this lucrative market.

So what to do? Let’s get into it…

Mother’s Day Basket Bundles

If you have product packages you could be winning big. Studies show that product bundling can increase profits by up to 30%. When a bundle is offered to the consumer, it simplifies the decision-making process down to choosing whether the bundle meets their needs, rather than evaluating each individual product…

They can also look incredibly appetising in your advertising. Queue Facebook. Facebook’s dynamic ads allow you to automatically promote your most relevant products. By leveraging this technology you’ll be able to show the right products to users that have shown interest in them.

Use Facebook dynamic plus ads to target your audience across Meta whilst showcasing your bundle products, honing your advertising audience around family and partners, as ultimately these will be the people pressing the add to basket buttons.

Start by identifying key demographics that align with your target audience of Mother’s Day shoppers. This may include age groups, geographic locations, daughters and sons and even specific life stages such as parents with young children.

Personalised Gifts for a Personal Touch

Mums love gifts that show thought and consideration. Statistics show a growing preference for personalised items, so make your popular products exclusively personalisable for Mother’s Day. In fact, 76% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that personalise. Highlight this in your ad messaging, offering limited-time personalisation on your bestsellers.

Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity by introducing limited edition Mother’s Day products with a personalisation. Whether it’s a unique design, special packaging, or a variant of an existing product, limited edition items can drive excitement and prompt customers to make a purchase before they run out. Neuroscience Marketing reported on a test where adding a countdown timer (showing how much time was left for next-day delivery) increased revenue by 9%.

Budget Friendly Bargains

Last year saw 61% of consumers buy Mother’s Day gifts on discount/promotion, with more consumers looking for value for money in their gifting techniques and many opting for gift boxes rather than a stand-alone gift. 57% of consumers agree that gift sets are good value for money, with many retailers taking advantage of this.

Around 93% of shoppers use a coupon or discount code throughout the year. The trick here is to target shoppers on the hunt for a good steal. If they’ve been looking at product bundles elsewhere it’s time to target your mum’s children and partners where they scroll the most. You could even link with your email activity, as 70% of consumers say they make use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week.

Combine your discounts into your ad-creative with interest-based targeting to narrow down your audience further. Consider interests related to parenthood, such as parenting blogs, family-oriented activities, or products typically associated with families.

Additionally, use behavioural targeting to focus on online behaviours indicative of Mother’s Day shopping intent. Look for users who have recently searched for gifts, visited parenting websites, or engaged with Mother’s Day-related content on social media.

Collaborate with Mum-fluencers:

Among social media users aged 18-54, 21% have made a purchase as a result of an influencer’s recommendation. As well as this, 39% of people report  that influencers or content creators have some influence on their buying decisions. Partner with influential moms or parenting bloggers who align with your brand. Influencers can create authentic content showcasing your products and sharing their genuine experiences. Their recommendations can have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of their followers.

That’s where TikTok comes in. Video Shopping Ads are a great tool to prime your market, while effective retargeting will help you turn interest into sales. They also inspire consumers to buy, with 21% of consumers saying TikTok inspired impulse purchases around Mother’s Day last year.

The TikTok Shop aims to captivate shoppers with entertaining content while facilitating the exploration of preferred brands and products. This immersive in-app experience allows users to browse through LIVE sessions, engaging videos in their feed, or simply by accessing the shop icon on a brand or creator profile, enabling seamless checkout directly within the TikTok platform.

When an influencer endorses or features a product on TikTok, it significantly bolsters the brand’s credibility. Users tend to place greater trust in recommendations from these influencers, thereby boosting their confidence in making purchases directly from TikTok Shop.

Ensure your brand remains part of the Mother’s Day conversation by leveraging trending hashtags associated with the occasion. By doing so, you can maximise visibility and tap into adjacent audiences seeking content relevant to celebrating their mothers.

So what next?

This Mother’s Day, let your business shine by implementing these creative strategies to boost sales and provide customers with meaningful, memorable gifts for the special moms in their lives. With the right mix of personalised offerings, promotions, and engaging activities, you’ll not only increase your revenue but also contribute to the joy and celebration of Mother’s Day.

Get in touch today and we can help elevate your campaigns for the quick wins and the long term sales boosts.


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