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Meet Blair

G’day mate!

We are so excited to welcome a brand new Arkenaut to our team! Blair Foley is our new Graphic Designer, coming all the way from down under! He will be the mastermind behind our creative assets, but first, lets learn more about him.

Welcome Blair, tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, I’m a recent transplant to the UK!

I was born and raised in South Brisbane, Queensland: where sunshine is in abundance and ozone is scarce. I studied a Bachelor of Entertainment Industries, majoring in Interactive Media and Design. This degree set me up with the ability to balance creativity with practicality, bringing those big creative ideas that rattle around in your head all the way to fruition. I got my start in design working for music festivals and live events around Australia, designing and constructing stages and installations. Building things is one of my passions. I love to get my hands dirty.

Tired of jumping from gig to gig, I moved to Japan for a few years to teach English and soak up everything that incredible country has to offer. I now speak Japanese and continue to take classes to this day. My teacher says I have the fluency of around a six year old. Thanks, Hiroshi.

Due to COVID I returned to Australia and was bitten by the Digital Marketing bug, where I became Digital Marketing Manager and Design Manager for the peak industry body of caravanning and camping in the state. After two wonderful years building campaigns to encourage people to get out into the wild and camp, I decided to move to the UK to pursue new career opportunities. Which is how I ended up here: at Arke!

Can you tell us some fun facts about you? 

I am a massive film, music and TV buff. There’s nothing I love more than discovering a new film, album, show or director to obsess over. My current obsession is everything Stephen Sondheim, if you haven’t already delved into his genius, I highly recommend. Conversely, if you have any recommendations for me, I’m always all ears.

I love to cook. Eating out has its time and place, but nothing tastes better than a meal you make yourself. My most recent culinary mission has been to create the perfect focaccia (the secret is mashed potatoes).

I also love to travel. Having recently moved to the UK, I have several new locations in the near future I’m looking to explore. Looking at you, Tuscany.

What are you excited about working at Arke?

I don’t want to be just a good designer, I want to be a great one. The thing that excites me most about working at Arke is developing my creative skills on a daily basis. Working for such a funky agency to bang out some killer work is going to be a great new adventure, one I’m excited to tackle with such a progressive, supportive team.

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