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On Thursday 10th December, our expert marketing panel hosted the next episode in our digital masterclass series: “Gain new prospects with Dynamic Search”.

The masterclass helped attendees to make the most of Dynamic Search marketing for their institution and covered how Dynamic Search marketing can help to reach new markets faster, improve relevancy, improve intelligence, gain new prospects, and save time and money.

We’ve rounded up some of the key takeaways into this blog. If you want to watch an on-demand recording of the masterclass, we’ve embedded the YouTube video below.

“What is Dynamic Search?” key takeaways:

  • Dynamic Search Ads are a fantastic way to capture undiscovered traffic
  • Dynamic Search Ads dynamically generate headlines and copy based on the content on your website
  • A comprehensive CRO audit and analytics implementation can help to overcome common roadblocks and get you started with Dynamic Search Ads

“Benefits of Dynamic Search” key takeaways:

  • Dynamic Search Ads enable you to reach new audiences and markets faster
  • Dynamic Search Ads improve relevancy and drive more likely to convert traffic to your website
  • Dynamic Search Ads help you to save time and money, allowing you to invest more budget into your campaigns

“Dynamic Search case studies” key takeaways:

  • Importance of planning and laying down campaign structures early on
  • Ability that Dynamic Search Ads have to adapt to sudden market changes
  • Extensive testing required to fully maximise the potential of Dynamic Search Ads
  • Increase in relevancy
  • Decrease in costs and time spent on copywriting
  • Ability to reach prospects with the right ad at the right moment

Dynamic Search recommendations:

Use all targeting solutions to reach relevant searches and ensure coverage on all relevant queries:

  • Relevant keywords – to target all relevant core searches and cover high priority search traffic
  • Broaden match types – to go beyond the standard searches and expand reach
  • Dynamic Search – to capture additional queries and reach new audiences

That’s a wrap on our masterclass roundup, as promised the full masterclass is below:

If you’re keen to explore Dynamic Search and the opportunity that it presents to reach new audiences and markets, get in touch with one of our experts today.


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