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So, you thought by being an Amazon Prime Video member that you’d bought yourself an ad-free streaming experience? Think again! Hot on the heels of the other big names in streaming such as Netflix’s successful roll-out of ads, Amazon Prime announced their new ads on their video platform. 

With consumers increasingly turning to online platforms for their shopping needs, advertisers are continually seeking innovative ways to reach their target audience effectively. And with the world of Amazon DSP continuously evolving, their latest introduction of ads to Amazon Prime Video is an opportunity brands don’t want to miss out on.

So, let’s dive in to explore how advertisers can leverage Amazon Prime Video Ads to elevate their marketing campaigns for a multi-channel approach.

Understanding Amazon Prime Video Ads

Fancy reaching over 200 million subscribers worldwide, known for their high purchase intent? Well, we’ve got news for you…Amazon DSP presents a breadth of advertising streams for brands from Kindle, Alexa, Amazon.com and now Amazon Prime Video, welcoming advertisers to their streaming platform. This offering allows advertisers to promote their products directly to millions of Amazon Prime members, who are known for their high purchasing intent and loyalty to the platform. Advertising on this platform provides unparalleled access to a vast and engaged audience.

The news shows Amazon following similar suit to streaming competitors like Netflix, offering an ad free experience at a cost. Recent data shows that 73% of Amazon Prime Video users aren’t keen on paying £2.99 extra each month for an ad-free experience, but only a fifth are thinking of unsubscribing as the streaming giant introduces ads.

In fact, a whopping 82% still find Prime Video worth the money. A quarter of users (24%) don’t mind the ads and will stick around. Even more interesting, 11% are open to staying if the ads are relevant. Among them, those aged 25 to 34 are the most willing to pay extra for an ad-free version, with 15% considering it.

Key Features and Benefits

Targeted Reach

Amazon Prime Ads enables advertisers to target their ads based on a variety of factors, including demographics, interests, and purchase behaviour. This level of precision targeting ensures that ads are delivered to the most relevant, high intent audience segments, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

On Trend

Today, viewers are ditching traditional TV setups. Boost your brand’s reach by featuring in streaming content, such as exclusive originals on Amazon Freevee, lively entertainment on Twitch, live sports like Thursday Night Football, premier TV shows, and popular Fire TV channels. Amazon Streaming TV ads are especially effective, reaching an average of 10.9% more viewers compared to traditional linear TV ads.

Cross-Device Targeting

With Amazon Prime members accessing the platform across various devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets, advertisers can leverage cross-device targeting to ensure consistent exposure to their target audience regardless of the device they are using, and create a seamless user experience from all of their advertising touchpoints.

Strategies for Success

Optimise Product Listings

When high intent consumers see your ad on Prime Video, they’re going to be hot on their keyboards searching for the product. Ensure that your product listings are optimised for search by incorporating relevant keywords and compelling product descriptions. High-quality images and detailed product information can also enhance the effectiveness of your ads and drive conversions when consumers come searching after viewing your TV ad, further optimising the consumer journey.

Leverage Sponsored Brands

Its important to keep your product front and centre of your audience’s mind after viewing your ad on the streaming service. To create a fully comprehensive and effective user experience, your ads should be hitting each consumer touchpoint, and sponsored ads could deliver just that.

Sponsored brand ads allow advertisers to showcase their brand and multiple products in a single ad unit. Use this feature to create visually appealing ads that highlight your brand’s unique selling propositions and encourage users to explore your product offerings further. With new introductions from Google too, optimising your listings for users taking advantage of new AI search features.

Redefine the User Experience

So you’ve just watched a fantastic ad on Amazon Prime, and you immediately want to buy it. Trouble is, I’ve got my hands full so I can’t run to my phone or laptop. Don’t fear, Alexa is here. The beauty of Amazon DSP is the interlinking of touchpoints to ensure your product is easily accessible for the consumer. Queue ‘Alexa, add to cart!’. Whilst utilising Amazon Ads on Prime will help reach new customers, it’s important to continue to utilise ads throughout the Amazon DSP channel list to ensure your product is never far from reach.

Utilise Amazon’s Audience Insights

Take advantage of Amazon’s rich audience insights to understand the shopping behaviour and preferences of your target audience. This information can inform your ad targeting and creative strategies, ensuring that your ads resonate with the right audience segments. And don’t forget, the power of TV allows you to target your ads to the right audiences at the right time allowing you to locally target customers where they may be buying your products the most.

Monitor and Optimise Campaign Performance

Continuously monitor the performance of your Amazon Prime Ads campaigns and make timely optimisations based on the data insights. Experiment with different ad creatives, targeting parameters, and bidding strategies to maximise ROI and drive incremental sales. At Arke, we’re experts in evolving your campaign strategy based on data. 

Amazon Prime Ads presents a compelling opportunity for advertisers to elevate their marketing efforts and connect with millions of highly engaged shoppers through streaming, redefining the Amazon DSP journey for a multi channel approach.

By leveraging the platform’s advanced targeting capabilities, diverse ad formats, and robust analytics tools, advertisers can create impactful campaigns that drive sales and generate measurable results. By adopting a strategic approach and staying agile in their campaign management, advertisers can unlock the full potential of Amazon Prime Ads and utilise a well rounded strategy on Amazon’s touchpoints.


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