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    Looking to boost your Health & Beauty bundles this Black Friday? Then Amazon should be your best friend starting right now. In fact, according to Webfx.com, 44% of people buy something at least once a month from Amazon.

    Why? Well, that’s where we step in! Our team of experts (The Shopaholics, as they go by informally) are giving you our essential reasons why beauty brands are flocking towards Amazon ads to achieve insane audience growth and a major increase in ROI. 

    Why Amazon Ads is Essential for Your Marketing Strategies 

    The ecommerce world has witnessed a significant shift in consumer behaviour over the last few years. Gone are the days of perusing through Boots to find the perfect product; shoppers are turning to online platforms for their health and beauty needs. 

    Most people would consider a brand’s website to be their ‘virtual shop front’, so you may be surprised to hear that Amazon outperformed search engines and direct retailer sites when it comes to inspiring online shopping by UK shoppers in 2022. According to a survey, almost half of respondents used Amazon to search for product and brand inspiration. Why wouldn’t you want your ads surfacing to this audience?

    But specifically, how does this tie into the Health & Beauty industry? Well, if you search the top-trending products available on Amazon, you’ll notice that the majority are health and beauty products, making it great advertising real estate to shine above the competition.

    And the platform isn’t just for the big players in the game, 58% of total sales on Amazon come from small-to-medium size businesses.

    Let’s break it down – Amazon-style – and dive into the features that should finalise your decision to use Amazon as your go-to space for all things B.E.A.UTIFUL. 

    1. Amazon is the Beauty Bible for Cross Channel Marketing

    At Arke, we understand that integration lies at the heart of a finely-tuned marketing strategy, and Amazon DSP is your key to unlocking seamless integration. With a plethora of advertising channels ready to harmonise, cross-channel marketing campaigns flourish.

    Even if you’re not exclusively in the e-commerce game, Amazon’s audience insights and targeting powers can complement your current marketing endeavours across these dynamic channels. By synchronising your messaging and creative strategies across diverse platforms, you’re setting the stage for a unified brand journey, magnifying the scope and impact of your campaigns.

    Imagine this: Amazon, with its multifaceted ecosystem, knows its users more than you think. Whether you’ve immersed yourself in the world of Twitch streaming, tuned into the rhythms of Amazon Music, filled your basket at Amazon Fresh, embarked on a shopping spree on Amazon.com, indulged in Amazon Prime video streaming, harnessed the power of an Amazon Firestick, relied on the wisdom of an Amazon Alexa/Echo device, or immersed yourself in the world of Kindle books – Amazon has you covered.

    And here’s the brilliance – if Amazon can curate data from these diverse touchpoints, it can also fashion tailored ads that reach you through these very channels. The possibilities are boundless, with access to a spectrum of placement options spanning podcasts, streaming, shopping, and more – all elegantly orchestrated from a singular platform.

    1. Ad Formats on Amazon Make it the Ideal Place for Beauty Brands

    In 2022, consumers were expected to spend a whopping £8.71 billion over the course of Black Friday in November, with 56% of this expected to be online sales. 

    And, of course, Amazon is no stranger to the Black Friday bonanza, with ‘Amazon Black Friday deals’ being one of the most popular key search queries in 2022. Naturally, this will smell like an opportunity for any Health & Beauty brand out there. 

    Amazon is no small fish in the Black Friday pond, gobbling up a hefty 17.7% of all the sales during this shopping frenzy.

    Specific platform tactics such as Sponsored Products, in which custom ads run on-site, and the ability to optimise product pages whilst these events take place result in a performance boost on the biggest product search engine in the world. In fact, clicks on Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads convert at more than three times the rate of Google Shopping ad clicks.

    For any marketers out there who want to maximise their omnichannel strategies in these high-traffic times, Amazon is an absolute essential. 

    As mentioned, the beauty market today is bigger than ever before. Ultra competitive and expansive, your content needs to be seconds away from consumers if you want to keep in the game. 

    Enter Amazon’s Always-On advertising. Another potential avenue for your marketing strategies – Amazon’s machine learning algorithms streamline adverts on Amazon, allowing brands to stand out from the competition and assist you in successful brand longevity. 

    More bang for your buck? Maybe the opposite? Amazon’s got you covered. Ads created through Amazon’s services are Retail Aware, meaning your Sponsored Display ads only appear when your products are in stock and the Featured Offer.

    With Amazon’s targeting options, you have the capability to narrow your focus all the way to the specific SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), thereby connecting with individuals who have either viewed the product or made prior purchases. This precision enables you to enhance your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) by effectively reaching the appropriate audience, precisely when it matters most.

    Additionally, through AI, Amazon will adjust bids to account for delivery promises to help you spend your advertising dollars efficiently. Is that not beauty to your ears? 

    Ready to take on the Amazon? 

    The best way to utilise Amazon is the tried-and-tested approach of giving it all a go! 

    Amazon says it best themselves:

    Advertisers with a balanced investment across Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads, and Sponsored Display ads see up to +15% year-over-year sales at a better return on ad spend compared to those only using Sponsored Products.

    The best way to tackle the behemoth that is the Health & Beauty industry is to omnichannel your strategies and optimise those that work in your favour. If contextual targeting is doing the trick, put more creative and ad spend there. 

    Or, if you’re Sponsored Display Ads are working out, try taking them further and utilising them on other Amazon-affiliated platforms such as Twitch. 

    HOWEVER! We know it can be a rumble in the jungle out there, so going in prepared and aware of the ever-changing environment of Amazon – the digital landscape in general – will only make it easier. 

    So, if ease is what you’re looking for, our team of digital and paid experts have put together a detailed, informative and incredibly useful report for you. Covering everything you need to know about the Health & Beauty industry as it stands and where it’s heading, you’ll know the best way forward for your business this Black Friday and beyond. 

    Don’t miss out! Sign up and download the report today, or if you’d like to get in touch with one of our shop-till-you-drop media specialists, let’s talk! 


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