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    Google has launched a new advertising solution that allows advertisers to gain access to customer data shared with web publishers. This is just one of Google’s solutions to navigating a third-party cookie-less world, available on Display and Video 360 campaigns. So, what else do you need to know? 

    Firstly, what the heck is Display and Video 360? 

    Display and Video 360 is Google’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) – software that lets advertisers buy media space and manage it all within one place. 

    It’s pretty neat and has many benefits, including: 

    • End-to-end campaign management – from media planning and creative development to measurement and optimisation 
    • Integrations with other solutions like Analytics 360 and YouTube, allowing brands to make the most of the platform to visualise their ads and their performance in one place 
    • Two tools to facilitate ad campaigns and creative. These are the Campaign Manager 360 and the Studio.
    • Improved collaboration between your creative and paid media teams to produce more impactful campaigns
    • Holistic oversight of your campaigns
    • Better targeting capabilities due to a bigger selection of inventory 
    What’s PAIR all about? 

    PAIR stands for Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation, which basically means the bringing together of publisher and advertiser to provide access to consumer data, while adhering to privacy regulations.

    PAIR allows brands to cross-match the databases between advertiser and ad platform, helping you to advertise to your potential clients where they are and based on their interests.

    It bypasses the need to rely on third-party cookies. Instead, it allows the private sharing of first-party data between advertiser and publisher. Consumers will also be happy to hear that there are also some super secure encryption to ensure other parties don’t gain access. With PAIR, website visitors can rest assured their data is safe. 

    For brands, it means they can place personalised, hyper-targeted ads on websites where people have given permission for the advertising brand and the site to access their details. If you want to advertise to high-intent audiences, Display and Video 360 is the way to go.

    Why is this important? 

    If you haven’t heard, Google is phasing out third-party cookies from 2024. That means that advertisers will need to find new ways of accessing audience data and finding innovative ways of targeting them. For brands currently relying on third-party data, it’s a bit of a concern. But there are solutions. 

    From machine learning with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), to Google’s Privacy Sandbox and PAIR, new solutions have been cropping up. We suggest reading up on the benefits of GA4 to help your brand flourish even once cookies are obsolete. We’ve got a whole blog on it, which you can read by clicking here

    To summarise, the benefits of this Google update are:
    • The ability to tap into first-party data that other web publishers have access to while reducing reliance on third-party data
    • An increased likelihood of conversion by targeting high-intent audiences 
    • It’s a privacy-first solution that allows brands to access data in a responsible way

    Do you want to start advertising through Display and Video 360? Or do you want to find out how Google Analytics 4 can benefit your brand? Talk to our digital and advertising experts.


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