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Google Analytics Certified Partners, we design and implement custom end-to-end analytics solutions, so you can transparently track and measure every touchpoint of your customer’s journey, whilst using your data to improve marketing decision making.

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Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Our team of qualified experts will accurately configure your GA and GTM, including supporting with your migration to GA4. Our approach ensures you will collect all the data needed for evidence-based decision making across marketing activity.

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Measurement & attribution

Our industry-leading analytics solutions, including eduCommerce Analytics™, enable accurate measurement of full-funnel marketing activity, allowing you to uncover your true return-on-investment.

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Cloud-based analytics automation

We utilise Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services to build fully automated models and integrations to help our clients improve efficiency and scalability of marketing activity.

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Data analytics & predictive modelling

Experts in aggregating, cleansing and blending various datasets to identify recurring audience behaviours and trends. We use advanced data science techniques to predict and access real tangible forward-looking solutions.

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Reporting & data visualisation

DataStudio, Power BI, Tableau and more, we work with your preferred visualisation software to organise and display your data, allowing us to strategise with foresight rather than report in hindsight.

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Consultancy & training

Our data scientists support and provide training to marketing teams, bridging the skills gap between agency and client. Custom training modules are designed and delivered via bespoke training workshops.

Arke has transformed our marketing to a complete evidence-based model, the results speak for themselves.

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