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    Our mission

    We inspire curiosity about human behaviour, to help people better understand people. Through the unification of creativity, data and technology, we see the what, discover the why and produce strategy that works.

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    Our vision

    When we truly understand one another, better and bolder experiences can be created. Everyone should have experiences that are fulfilling, spark genuine connections and inspire thought, creativity and growth.

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    Our brand values

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    Be real

    We’re all human (apart from the AI amongst us). We embrace honesty, integrity, humour and passion in our everyday lives. We love what we do and we’re proud of the impact we have.

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    Be Curious

    No one likes a smart arse, but our clients require smarts to solve their complex challenges. Never fully satisfied, we’re deeply curious about all aspects of creative, digital and marketing, and question every known to challenge ourselves to think differently.

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    Be Bold

    Our boldness stems from a relentless pursuit in always trying to improve. Being expert in what we do allows us to get a bit gutsy and take new directions at times, to constantly innovate and grow.

    Our brand promises

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    We promise to deliver improved performance from your current or previous campaigns. Data-driven, measurable, memorable.

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    We promise to put you in control of your data and all financials. Everything we do is tracked through your systems. We learn together and we grow together.

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    We promise to create better experiences. For our clients, their customers, our people and our partners.

    Life At Arke

    Meet the team

    It’s our people and their ideas that drive us. We foster and encourage independent thought and questioning every known truth.

    Our people are a wonderful mix of individuals who work collaboratively to find new ways of problem-solving and provide integrated solutions.


    We’re hugely passionate about being the best at what we do and always being at the forefront of industry developments. Google, Facebook and Amazon partners, our people learn from the best, and share that learning with the company through weekly training sessions, such as Data & Doughnuts, Muffins & Media and Coffee & Creative.

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    We love a social! From beer/wine/non-alcoholic-drink-o’clock on a Friday afternoon, to summer trips, passion projects committee, industry events and monthly ‘Show and Tell’ meet-ups where we celebrate our achievements and developments. Oh, and our four-legged friends frequent our offices too…

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    Passion Projects

    We love our city and our community. That’s why our people work with amazing local charities and not for profits, helping them with their marketing by offering their skills and expertise free of charge.

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    Arke is a brilliant place to work…we all learn something new every day and have fun doing it too!

    Elif Bekler

    Senior Operations Executive

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