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It’s no secret that TikTok’s hot. If you’re a brand that’s not yet active on the platform, you might want to hop on the bandwagon. 

The good news is that it’s never too late to get your brand out there. Engaging with your audience has never been easier as TikTokkers are receptive to TikTok ads, and it’s all down to their native format as TikTok ads seamlessly flow with other content already on the platform. 

If you’re wondering, ‘are TikTok ads worth it?’, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Let’s delve into the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ right now!

Why is TikTok the right platform for you to showcase your brand? 

With a whopping 1 billion users on TikTok searching daily for tips, inspiration or the perfect pasta recipe, the platform is a creative playground fueled on fresh ideas. With the right content, there’s no reason your brand can’t go viral too. 

The core foundations of TikTok mean you can reach your audience in an environment built for discovery. What better way to showcase your brand than on a platform where people are actively searching for something new and exciting? Your brand could be the next big thing!

Now let’s look at how you can take your TikTok ads to the next level (hint hint: it’s all about native content). 

Time to collaborate.


ARE YOU KIDDING?! @paige.sechrist is so talented 🔥 #buybetterwearlonger #thriftflip #holidaycountdown

♬ original sound – Levi’s

Let’s buddy-up! Co-creating adverts with the TikTok community will allow for that native feel your content strives to be; whilst also helping you avoid ad fatigue and the subsequent negative brand perception that can affect your brand’s reputation.

During the pandemic, ad fatigue was at a stomach-rumbling high, resulting in 75% of us paying less attention to online adverts. Of course, you need eyes on your adverts if you want to move your audience through the funnel. 

Luckily for us, TikTok ads are rewriting the story with their immersive, user-friendly design, so ads don’t feel quite like ads. Instead, they’re part of the TikTok experience.

Need further convincing? Here’s why you should seriously consider getting a content creator involved: 

  1. To build trust 

We’ve all experienced a confidence knock during the Covid-19 crisis – from fear-mongering to fake news to governments integrating then ignoring their own rules. Simply put, we’re all craving honesty, and people trust influencers. 

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 4 in 10 millennials on the app say their favourite influencer understands them more than their friends, and 49% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on influencer recommendations. Right now, influencers are an essential audience you should show off your products and services to.

  1. To harness the power of your brand advocates.

The truth is, you don’t even need to work with an influencer with a massive following – you’re searching for someone who loves your brand. 

Recently, a new trend of ‘creator classes’ has emerged on TikTok. These are customers-turned-content makers, allowing brands to connect with brand advocates whilst rewarding your biggest fans by permitting them to become ambassadors. 


Your circumstances don’t control who you are or what you can achieve. You do! @angieberbuer #Gymshark #GymTok #DisabilityAwareness

♬ original sound – Gymshark

You’ll be able to grow your team (and expand your reach) with those who have tried, tested and loved your products and services. Plus, the more ambassadors you factor into your content strategy, the bigger the audience reach. 

With unique personalities and channels, each of the ambassadors can showcase your products in different ways based on their content style, ranging from demos to funny videos and dances. That way, you can reach your audience in whatever way they love experiencing TikTok. 

So, to quickly recap. Handing the mic to people who love your brand, and are uber-confident with their TikTok skills, is key to creating native ads.

What about content?

When it comes to content, TikTok’s not all song and dance. OK, well, the majority of it is. But there are some other vital things to consider in your content strategy. 

  1. You need to give users a reason to join in. Encourage creative collaboration and allow your viewers to engage with your content through challenges, hashtags and Q&As.
  1. Time to get trendy! Before you sit down to create your content plan, look at the new hot goss discussed on the platform. Being relevant and flexible in your approach will be pivotal to discovery. Working with brand ambassadors will help you keep your finger on the pulse. 
  1. Tap into creator talent and hand over the reins to them. You know your brand and your creators know TikTok. Allow them to work their TikTok magic and help produce a native approach to showcase your brand and bring in those customers!

If you’re an eager beaver and want to discover even more about creating a stellar content strategy, check out our bite-size session on TikTok here

How can you check your ads are having an impact? 

You’ve got your content sorted – now you need to know how to track and measure the success of your new strategy. It doesn’t stop at looking through immediate clicks and impressions. 

Don’t be fooled by initial impressions. According to TikTok, ‘even though only 14% of users will click on a link in a TikTok ad right away, they’re just much more engaged on TikTok. What this means for brands is that users have likely consumed more content about your brand on the platform, and often end up coming back to the brand site later.’ 

People don’t want to interrupt your top-the-the-crop content by clicking a link. As video ads become even more native (TikTok gets the gold in that department), you’re not likely to see the impact of your social media ads straight away. 

But never fear; data from Nielsen !Q shows that viewers are 1.5 times more likely to buy after seeing a product ad on TikTok.  

How can brands accurately track results? 

We know what you’re thinking – how can I measure the success of my campaigns when the initial results don’t paint an accurate picture? 

Click-through attribution won’t be suitable for brands with long attribution windows for their products (usually those of higher value). So, let us introduce you to the wonderful world of VTA – or view-through attribution.

VTA will allow you to accurately measure and track sales attributed to a particular advertising campaign. You’ll be able to see how your audience engages with your brand in the long-term as the result of your stellar ads, rather than relying solely on last-click behaviour.

Key Takeaways. 

We’ve been chatting about TikTok non-stop in blogs, webinars and on social media; that’s because it’s shaping up to be the biggest and best platform. It’s already taken Google over in terms of traffic, so what’s stopping it from becoming the number 1 in the next few years? 

And it’s not just teenagers on the platform. In 2022, 53% of TikTok users are over 30 years old, so there’s potential to hit your target audience, whatever their age. 

TikTokkers’ reception of ads on the platform provides a great advantage to SMEs looking to expand their reach and improve their brand recall. It’s now easier than ever to work with content creators on the platform, even on a small budget. 

Native content is a must on social media advertising – not just on TikTok. You can’t just replicate content across platforms; you need to be changing with the times. 

With that, if you want to boost your brand on TikTok and implement a stellar strategy, get in touch with our social media advertising experts. 


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