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Welcome to the first in our new series: ‘Debunked’, where we help advertisers navigate today’s fiercely competitive digital landscape and address the myths surrounding paid advertising platforms.

In this edition, we’ll be focusing on a platform that’s new features are taking the industry by storm. Amazon’s programmatic DSP (Demand-side Platform) opens up real-time bidding to purchase ad inventory to reach new and existing audiences on and off Amazon.

However, is the platform only relevant to retail businesses?

Are the ads and features accessible to advertisers in other industries?

At Arke, we’re currently utilising Amazon DSP for multiple clients and have all the expertise in house to address your questions and even give some handy tips on making the most of the platform.


But before we jump in, what really is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP allows advertisers to target specific audiences based on various factors such as demographics, interests, purchase behaviour, and contextual relevance. Advertisers on the platform can deliver highly targeted and personalised ad experiences to reach the right customers at the right time, across a huge range of premium and exclusive placements.

But why use it if you’re not a big ecommerce brand? We’re going to tell you.


Brand Awareness and Consideration:

Amazon DSP has targeting capabilities that are out of this world.

While e-commerce businesses can leverage transactional data to drive conversions, non-e-commerce brands can utilise Amazon DSP to enhance brand awareness, consideration, and influence consumer behaviour – earlier on in their shopping journey.

By reaching their target audience on Amazon’s platform and partner websites, these brands can engage potential customers, generating interest and nurturing brand interest – which we’re confident can lead to those big conversions.

One non-commerce example of this is if you’re looking to reach students to build interest and awareness of your university. You can target students searching for university supplies or particular textbooks, even down to the subject of the textbook, to personalising ads targeting them with the courses you offer that they may be interested in. Pretty neat, huh?

Amazon DSP is also one of the only advertising platforms in the UK that can target users by household income, utilising Amazon’s proprietary customer and purchase history data.

Could targeting be even more optimised you ask? Amazon says yes with the ability for your ads to be translated to the chosen language of the customer wherever they are. The Sponsored Display translation feature helps advertisers easily create and manage multi-language content on Amazon, providing shoppers with a more seamless experience allowing them to engage with the ads – language barriers are defeated.


Product Launches and Promotions:

Need to launch a new product or promote a special offer? Regardless of whether your brand operates within the e-commerce space or not, Amazon DSP is the platform for you.

Brands using the platform have the potential to unlock Amazon’s vast reach and contextual targeting options. Amplifying new launches is really no problem with the ability to reach customers who are actively searching for related products or exploring relevant categories.

But we already know there is great targeting on Amazon DSP, so why else is it great? Well, your Amazon Ads can reach shoppers at every stage of their journey. Your ads can appear on Amazon’s product detail pages, search results, and other placements within the platform, allowing potential customers to learn about your product whilst making purchase decisions.

Not only that but DSP allows you to retarget customers who have previously interacted with your brand or shown interest in your product. By displaying ads to these potential customers, you can reinforce your product’s message, increase brand recall, and potentially drive conversions.

And if you’re ready to take the optimisation to the next level, Amazon DSP allows you to easily optimise your campaigns to meet your campaign goals. So, need to hit conversion targets in launch? DSP programmatic optimisation can dynamically update your budgets based on campaign goals, adjusts ads so that they’re served through the best sites using the best formats and automatically analyses every impression against campaign goals. Amazon applies up to 500,000 predictors based on its customers’ shopping patterns.


Cross-Channel Marketing:

Integration is a must in an optimised marketing strategy, and Amazon DSP offers just that. With multiple advertising channels available for integration, cross-channel marketing campaigns thrive.

Non-e-commerce brands can leverage Amazon’s audience insights and targeting capabilities to complement their existing marketing efforts across these channels. By syncing their messaging and creative strategies across different platforms, businesses can create a cohesive brand experience and maximise the reach and impact of their campaigns.

By using the DSP platform, you have access to Amazon’s wealth of user data. For example, if you have accounts on any of the following Amazon definitely has some crucial data on you that could send new products your way:


1. Watched streamers on Twitch
2. Listened to Amazon Music
3. Shopped at an Amazon Fresh
4. Shopped on Amazon.com
5. Streamed on Amazon Prime
6. Watched content on an Amazon Firestick
7. Owned an Amazon Alexa/Echo
8. Read books on Kindle

And if Amazon can collect data from you on these touchpoints, it can also target ads to you via them too. You have the capabilities to access endless placement options from podcasts, streaming, shopping and many more – all achievable from one platform.


How does Amazon DSP differ to Google Ads – don’t they do the same thing?

We’ve already established that Amazon DSP has some great benefits, and is definitely a platform that you can unlock your brand’s potential on. But why use it if Google has no minimum spend?

Well what if we tell you, if you work with us, you wouldn’t need any minimum spend and could showcase your business across amazon platforms…

We’ve put together the main comparisons of the platforms so you can see which options fit your strategy best. Amazon offers over 40 premium ad exchanges placements for your Ads, compared to Googles three. So it may be time to consider utilising them as a core part of your strategy.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look down below.


Google Ads Amazon DSP
Ad Formats Display
YouTube / VideoSearch Ads
Discovery Ads
App Ads
Google Shopping
Performance Max
Mobile/Standard Display
Online Video
App Ads
Ad Networks Google Display Network
Google Search Network
Google Search Partners
40+ Premium Ad Exchanges, including;
Google AdX, OpenX, Teads, Kargo, Media Grid
Exclusive Channel Placements Google Search Results
Google Discover Feed
GMail Inboxes
Amazon Homepage & Search / Product Pages
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Apps
Amazon Devices (inc. Alexa & Fire TV/Tablets)
Minimum Spend None None (with Arke)
£30,000 (direct with Amazon)


And if you’re still not convinced, check out what our Head of Paid Media Ben Haliday has to say:

“We are thrilled to be able to remove barriers to entry and unleash the potential of programmatic advertising for brands and organisations of all sizes using Amazon DSP.

We have already achieved exceptional results for our clients through the platform, leveraging new strategy avenues and placements, alongside advanced data-driven targeting, and Amazon-exclusive inventory.

 As we witness Amazon DSP’s continuous integration of cutting-edge features, we’re excited to expand upon our toolkit to deliver best-in-class media strategies that get our clients noticed, open up new opportunities, and maximise performance and ROI.”


So, have we debunked you?

By leveraging Amazon DSP’s powerful targeting capabilities and integrating it into a comprehensive marketing strategy, businesses from various sectors can harness the platform’s potential and achieve their marketing objectives, regardless of their e-commerce presence.

And if you haven’t got the time, we can harness this power for you. Get in touch with an Arkenaut today to unleash Amazon DSP’s capabilities today.





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