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Dynamic Search is defined by Google as “the easiest way to find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer”. How often are people searching for the exact thing you target in your Google Search campaign? And what happens to all of the unique searches that are conducted on a daily basis? Dynamic Search is the answer to this and is a fantastic way to capture the “who would have thought” traffic. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the benefits that Dynamic Search brings.

1. More relevant and additional traffic – reach new customers and new markets faster

As Dynamic Search Ads display dynamically-generated headlines, they are closely aligned with the user’s search term, and therefore more likely to attract additional, qualified traffic to your website. This will enable you to reach new customers and new markets that you may not have been aware existed.

2. Targeted advertising

You can decide to show broad ads based on the entire site or select specific pages, categories, or products as the landing pages. This allows you to target smaller segments of your audience.

3. Synchronised campaigns

With Dynamic Search Ads, your campaigns and offers will remain in line with trending searches and popular queries.

4. Automatic ad updates

When you make changes to your pages, Google will automatically crawl your website to make sure they are harvesting the most recent, updated version of your website.

5. Dynamically generated headlines

When a user’s search is relevant to a page on your website, Google will dynamically generate an ad with a headline that includes words from that customer’s search phrase and the landing page in the ad. The dynamically generated headline is slightly longer than standard text ads, giving the ad increased visibility and relevance.

6. Save money

From what we’ve seen, CPCs have been 22% lower on Dynamic Search Ad search terms than keyword targeting. We’ve seen this hold true for broad, phrase and exact match keyword targeting.

7. Save time

With Dynamic Search, you don’t need to map bids, keywords and ad copy to each specific product or course on your site. This saves time in creation and also allows you to advertise to new markets faster.

8. Fill gaps in keyword-based campaigns

Accurate keyword targeting is a powerful way to reach audiences through paid search, but even accounts with the most comprehensive keyword lists are bound to miss some relevant search queries. Since Dynamic Search Ads involve independently scanning your landing pages for suitable terms to target, they can fill in any gaps that come up in your keyword-based targeting campaigns

9. Cover more queries

75-85% of search terms targeted by Dynamic Search are new and incremental.

10. Increase relevance

We have found that, on average, Dynamic Search Ads generate +154% higher CTRs in comparison to Responsive Search Ads, increasing to +234% vs Extended Text Ads. 

11. Performance

Compared to the average non-brand campaign, Dynamic Search targeting generates 30% lower CPAs.

Dynamic Search will allow you to reach new markets faster, improve relevancy, enhance intelligence, gain new customers, and save time and money. If you’re interested in finding out more about Dynamic Search and how it can benefit you and your organisation, click here to register for our free Dynamic Search digital masterclass, which is taking place at 11am on Thursday 10th December or click here to get in touch with one of our experts.


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