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The Brief

The Client

The Manufacture of Active Implant and Surgical Instruments (MAISI) is a UK team of Engineers, Quality and Operational staff at the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Services (KCL). Launching in 2020, MAISI received £5.2 million from the Welcome Grant.

Using this, MAISI constructed a fully-functioning manufacturing facility to craft, assemble and legalise a wide array of imperative medical devices. Through swift development of active implants to surgical instruments, MAISI halved the manufacturing processes from 10 to 5 years – a revolutionary step in medical engineering.

The development of life-saving technologies takes time. However, MAISI is well-recognised for its streamlined construction of medical appliances, accelerating the transition from conceptualisation to clinical evaluation.

MAISI also wanted to increase visibility for the entire facility. Reactively, this would boost awareness and engagement for academic researchers, start-ups and SMEs – target audiences MAISI desires to collaborate alongside.


Initial research for the project began at their facility. We found ourselves inspired by the technical drawings the team would receive for 3D product translation.

Since MAISI desired to expand its audience, shapes maintained the device’s importance; whilst keeping it easy to understand in future creative.

Our visit to the site shone a light on MAISI’s manufacturing process as they guided us through all the varying outputs produced. The tools highlighted the beauty and craft in machinery, outputting colour mixtures across the spectrum in distinct gradients.

From further exploration into the brand and its services, the MAISI team presented themselves as an individualistic team, creating comfort and personal experiences for clients.

Associating MAISI’s brand through this distinct cultural identity and the community of individuals that make them, the design would illustrate their complex medical services as caring and approachable.

MAISI Research

The Approach

Concept 1 – Microscopic Approach

Our first concept focused on microscopic photography, centring around the production process. The design arose from the original lab research carried out at MAISI.

This approach combined components of biology alongside intrinsic technical equipment, forming abstract textures; implementing them through photography-led techniques.

The darker and minimalist colour palette connotes professionalism through a lux quality leaning into the primary colour (blue) mixed with black.

MAISI Concept 1

Concept 2 – Imaging Approach

Initial research into technical drawings the MAISI team received for 3D product translation sparked intrigue into an imaging approach.

Research into medical imagery saw us explore the varying procedures MAISI conducted and the visual outputs generated. The smooth metal contours and sharp contrasting spines inspired us to represent MAISI’s identity through a modern, clean design emphasising the complexity of microscopic medical construction.

The colours produced through these machines reminded us of similar complexions used by abstract artist Rothko. His work influenced our handling of the colour, blending mixtures and tones.

This led to a colour palette forming through gradients highlighting MAISI’s delicately subtle approach to construction, such as its MRI Machines and microscopic photography. The font ‘Sofia’ compliments the gradient palette whilst emphasising the modernity of the design.



MAISI Stylescape 2

Concept 3 – Modular Approach

The modular approach began forming through our research into De Stijl and the movement’s visual illustrations.

The movement’s visual language is precise, with straight lines, squares and rectangles complementing the primary colours of the geometric shapes.

De Stijl’s fusion of form and function correlate with MAISI’s streamlined manufacturing process. The geometric systems of the brand allowed us to springboard our initial inspiration into creative experimentation.

This concept creates geometrical assets emphasising intrinsic manufacturing. The shapes formed for this approach come from researching the various methods used in MAISI’s field of work.

By utilising a gridlines framework, the modular approach outlines itself around shapes, forming imagery representing stimuli like algorithms, DNA and lab equipment. We drew inspiration from MAISI’s environment, underlining its methodical process and wide array of technologies.

The modular design is contemporary and clean, simplifying whilst respecting the manufacturing procedures and craftsmanship of MAISI’s brand. The font used, ‘Inter’, is heavier in weighting with a harsher form to suit the modular identity.

MAISI Stylescape 3

Logo Process

Approach 1:

MAISI offers an impactful manufacturing process. Therefore, the logo design had to emphasise the facilities essentialness for the medical field.

The corner square of the design represents MAISI’s product, acting as the final piece of the implantation process. Emotively, it connotes the patient’s struggles have been fixed through MAISI’s device. As the device marks the completion of the patient’s medical journey, it also marks the completion of the logo.


Approach 2: 

A core goal for MAISI is supporting patients throughout the implantation process. Highlighting how important the patient’s health is for MAISI’s identity, this logo took on the personifications of a person.

The design combines well-being with manufacturing. The illustration’s characteristics imply celebration, with the figure holding their arms joyfully in the air. The thin rectangle represents the layer of skin, the circle where the implant lies and the “M shape” emphasises the muscle.

This logo accentuates how, through scientific methods, comes relief and satisfaction – something identifiable to all.

MAISI Logo 2

The Outcome

Through close, consistent communication, we collaborated with Sebastien Ourselin (Head of MAISI) to create a brand identity igniting engagement through energy and playfulness; whilst still respecting the delicate and systematic approach to medical manufacturing.

The geometric elements were born from devices MAISI manufactures, from particular constructional areas to close-ups of medical devices. This generated a variety of shapes, each communicating its individual aspect in the manufacturing process.

These elements constructed a framework acting as a flexible grid system shifting and accommodating different ratios for the specific content used. The framework highlights each separate entity as an integral part of the process, emphasising the attention to detail MAISI places in its manufacturing.

Additionally, this gives the identity a fresh look each time new collateral is created. No composition would be identical to the other. This adaptiveness functions as a core representative for the continuously expanding services MAISI offers to its clients and patients.

Additionally, this gives the identity a fresh look each time new collateral is created. No composition would be identical to the other. This adaptiveness functions as a core representative for the continuously expanding services MAISI offers to its clients and patients.

The framework can also act as a container for the images, typography and other content. They can arrange and repeat in patterns that, through animation, form unique yet dynamic digital content.

MAISI Devices
MAISI Instagram 1
MAISI Instagram 2
MAISI Laptop
MASI Mailchimp

Brand Guidelines

Alongside the visual assets, we also composed comprehensive brand guidelines that would aid MAISI in protecting the distinct strengths of the visual identity. Relatively, also inspiring and upskilling internal brand ambassadors and executors.

Guidelines are not prescriptive but a  reference to use freely and creatively. By utilising the tools and resources curated, MAISI can uphold the identity’s visual foundation whilst experimenting with new creative.

This ensures that any new creative made solidifies the audience’s familiarity regarding MAISI’s identity, helping them continue towards their goal of increased engagement and awareness.

MAISI Guidelines