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The Client

Magus Wealth is a chartered financial planning and wealth management business.

For over 20 years, Magus has respectfully handled the finances of independent businesses, families and individuals whilst carefully nurturing its clientele’s growth.

Magus offers a wide variety of financial services: from investment management to family consulting – Magus proudly puts its customer’s well-being at the forefront.

The Brief

To accompany Magus’ community-oriented values, the company desired a rebranded website design aligning with its friendly and welcoming representation.

Additionally, Magus wanted the redesign to connote sophistication and its sense of heritage within financial marketing.

Reactively, the rebrand needed to increase customer time spent on the website and draw new audiences to Magus’ services, furthering brand awareness and market share in its entirety.



Magus wanted the new design to look completely distinct from the previous, meaning we had the freedom to explore and experiment with our visual concepts.

Magus aims to cater to family and communally-centred businesses, so our initial framework for the rebrand was creating a website that was approachable and straightforward in navigation that anyone could operate.

Through thorough research, our eyes drew to the simplicity and spaciousness of website design, specifically regarding the fundamentals of the Bauhaus Movement.

Due to the amount of content on the website, the Bauhaus Movement forms a grid system to bring structure and consistency to the website.

The grid system allows a hierarchy of information to occur – creating a focal point for the audience to read. The page becomes a map for content. It also establishes breathing room on the page, ensuring the content is not too overwhelming.

The border’s soft movements smoothly surrounding the various text’ of the design encapsulate the minimalist and easy-to-understand format.

From this inspiration, we began framing our rebrand for Magus with the mindset of simplifying navigation through breathable structure and bold colours, drawing audiences’ engagement to Magus’ varying services.


A stylescape is a specific collection of images, colours, textures and typography that will help convey a concept’s overall tone and theme.

At Arke, stylescapes are imperative to the pre-production process, as they communicate our creative purposes to a client before forming the rebranded design. Furthermore, stylescapes allow for collaboration with our client earlier on in the process – a fundamental foundation for our creative.

Magus - Stylescape 1

As part of their brand development, Magus sought a redefinition of their logo as a graphic device lock-up.

Magus’ pre-existing logo, while serving a purpose, failed to set the business apart from competitors. Adopting a flat gradient led approach, the logo struggled to further perpetuate the strong brand narrative found at the heart of Magus’ story.

When further investigating this narrative, we were intrigued by the relationships Magus built with their clients; they don’t simply look after your finances; they help you build the life you want for yourself and your family.

This, coupled with a need to bring a feeling of heritage to a relatively new brand in the world of financial management, drew us to look at historical symbols that resonated with Magus’ family-orientated focus and communicated a sense of antiquity.

Our exploration led us to the Dara Knot. As a symbol, The Dara Knot represents inner strength, with this internal power giving you purpose and meaning. Its origin, “Doire”, is the Gaelic word for oak tree, with the never-ending pattern representing the depth and overlap of roots within the great oak.

Just as the oak’s roots run deep, so does the motives and purpose of Magus’ clients as they look to improve the quality of life for their immediate family and those who come after them.

Using a Celtic symbol allowed us to present a sense of heritage established through Anglo Saxon legacy. This enabled us to place Magus as a company steeped in tradition, despite only operating for the past 20 years.

Through the simplistic and consumable mindset of the rebrand, the stylescape encaptured Magus’ historical importance by utilising its existing bold colour palette.

Alongside the colours and redesigned logo, the imagery used throughout the stylescape emphasised the wholesome and amiable identity Magus proudly presents to its customers.


In pre-production, mockups elaborate on and develop the creative work delivered through the stylescapes.

Regarding the Magus rebrand, our mockups visually assisted in helping Magus understand how the new identity would look on desktops once implemented.

Mockups create a visual framework for us to follow and experiment with throughout production. They also heighten production transparency with clients, allowing them to follow, envision and collaborate on our creative process alongside our team.

Additionally, our mockups also emphasise how we present Magus’s identity. Through spacious, easy-to-read colouring and imagery, Magus can see how we are integrating the brand’s historical imperativeness and cordial tone.


Wireframes are the skeletal blueprints of a website’s design. They act as a visual guide for asset implementation, such as images, headers and text boxes for copy.

They may appear bare and simplistic, but they are essential when working on expansive web design concepts, as they create consistency for the website’s layout and structure.

Design & Prototype

With our rebrand established and the wireframes creating a foundation for the website’s structure, we began prototyping Magus’ final design.

The rich purple colouring across the website connotes the regality and respectful identity Magus coherently upholds.

Furthermore, our imagery choice allows us to exemplify the family-driven approach Magus upholds. The carefully selected images of couples and families together elaborate on Magus’ core value of financial planning being a streamlined process and stress-free for all.

The overlay of purple text boxes on the white background assists in segregating the copy and call-to-action links to “get in touch” with Magus.

The prototype consists of all previous assets implemented, with additional page navigation and animation assets enriching the website’s guiding services.

The drop-down animation for the website’s header, accompanied by the white typography, creates a fluid and easily readable design which gently guides users across the varying services Magus offer.

The Outcome

We delivered a spacious, accessible and tonally consistent website for Magus, highlighting the company’s drive to provide financial aid for all businesses through streamlined service access and navigation.


“It looks beautiful… absolutely stunning and so clean and crisp – I now love it.”

“The lovely comments are flooding in.”

Our creative received a fantastic reception, so much so; that it ushered in a paid media campaign to draw an even greater audience of clientele to Magus’ website.

The visual identity we had created for Magus implemented itself throughout this campaign, keeping our creative consistently in the marketing space.