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The Brief

King’s Entrepreneurship Institute host their annual flagship event Demo Day. The event gives 15 innovative start-ups a platform to get funding from an audience of investors as they look to provide entrepreneurial answers to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. This year the event moved across to Hopin, a virtual events platform that replicates the experience of in-person events. We worked with the Institute to curate there first virtual Demo Day by evolving their current visual identity for the platform as well as creating a new publication identity to be used to profile each venture presenting at this year’s event.


The existing visual identity we made for the institute was adapted for a formal event, taking consideration at the intended older audience and purpose of the event. We desaturated colours, selected a stark/minimal colour palette that felt more suited for a professional environment, putting more focus on the start-ups.

The approach taken with the Lookbook was influenced by the vision of the Institute. Helping all in developing a mindset in entrepreneurialism that will make the world a better place. The grey area between uneducated to educated – development. A word that gives space to make mistakes, learn, and grow your ability. The Lookbook’s identity explores deconstruction of publication design and culture of entrepreneurialism. The identity is establishing its own visual vocabulary associated to the publication, bold stretching typography, a stark colour palette, and a visible grid system that aligns with the journey a start-up would take through the Entrepreneurship Institute.

The publication was broken down into four defining sectors: Social Impact, Technology, Community Health, and Health Innovation. For ease of differentiating each topic as well as assisting the pace and flow of the Lookbook read, we’ve used a double page spread across each of the sections.


The Outcome

A visual identity that took form through a digital activation and short digital publication that showcased all 15 ventures, using a smart structured editorial system suited to the investor community.