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The Client

The Provenance-driven and Legally-grounded Explanations for Automated Decisions (PLEAD) unify an interdisciplinary team of technologists, legal experts, commercial companies and public organisations.

PLEAD ambitiously investigate how past actions can help explain the logic underlining automated decision-making for the benefit of individuals.

Additionally, the team also help determine why and how personal data is processed, such as in educational marketing or financial, helping those teams demonstrate compliance with the law.

The Brief

Due to PLEAD’s expansive work within the industry, the team required a legacy website (a site using frameworks that have been replaced by newer code and methods) exemplifying the thorough processes and rich findings attained throughout their research.

The distinct necessities needed for the website were that it highlighted specific projects PLEAD were proud to showcase, allowing for their research and findings to maintain timeless significance for old and new audiences.

PLEAD wanted us to present this information through visually engaging methods for the audience whilst also acting as a connective for external links to specific projects.



The majority of PLEAD’s work consists of detailed, essay-based scientific research. However, user engagement or scroll-time for the website could decrease if the content and copy fail to captivate users in fascinating ways.

Our desire to organise PLEAD’s content efficiently led us to the pivotal work of Josef Müller-Brockmann, a Swiss graphic designer who helped pioneer the International Typographic Style.

Eminent for his simplistic approach to design, artists recognise Müller-Brockmann for his use of colour, typography, and the formation of Grid Systems within graphic design.

Josef Muller Brockmann Grid System

Grid Sytems

Specifically, The Grid System is an imperative asset for website creation. It is the process of carefully implementing margins, guides, rows and columns to uniform a website’s arrangement.

We utilised this system throughout PLEAD’s legacy website to keep content neat and aesthetically engaging, assuring users won’t feel bombarded or overwhelmed with copy or creatively-pale design.

Furthermore, The Grid System creates a hierarchy of content, forming a narrative that users can smoothly follow throughout the website. From these methods, we shaped PLEAD’s website so that their information flowed naturally and became digestible for users.


To ensure all information on the website fit neatly onto the page, we formed wireframes to lay the foundations of user navigation.

Our wireframes visually present how informative sections of the website will interlink through signposts and create a seamless transition between content.

For example, the sections regarding methodology on the homepage take site visitors to pages essential for them – representing the dedication PLEAD demonstrates to answer questions efficiently.


The Outcome

With the final additions of PLEAD’s branded iconography and colour palettes implemented to the website, the prototype was delivered.

Through meticulous research and consistent collaboration, Arke delivered a website that coherently and creatively presented PLEAD’s outstanding work throughout the years.