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    The Challenge

    Founded in 2015, the King’s Entrepreneurship Institute supports and celebrates entrepreneurial thinking, skills and start-ups. A leader in higher education enterprise education, the Institute upskills and empowers the King’s community through a series of flagship events.

    After we successfully curated and designed the “Start! Magazine”, King’s were inspired to bring the rest of the brand up to the same level.

        • The old identity was an accumulation of existing assets that were merely functional
        • No set brand guidelines
        • Consistency and cohesion was required
    King's Rebrand Challenge

    The Solution

        • We began with a discovery phase, comprising of prescriptive workshops, mind maps and collaborative research
        • Using the findings from our research and discovery, we developed moodboards and stylescapes to align visions
        • With raw components such as the tone, style and language solidified we then began to sculpt these assets into complete concepts for various channels using mock-ups, existing content and templates
        • With the concept approved by all key stakeholders, we moved on to production and the creation of a set of brand guidelines in the form of a style guide and a brand toolkit that allows any member of the EI team to create on brand visuals
        • This toolkit included editable templates for a variety of social platforms, both internal and external comms, as well as a wide variety of widgets, stickers and icons
    King's Rebrand Solution

    The result

        • The result is a brand which maintains a balance between sophistication and playfulness, whilst showcasing the institute’s unique path and expression
        • The tactile and energetic marks bring a dynamism to the visuals, mirroring the institutes stance as disruptors and non-conformists
        • Through modern composition we created a confrontational and engaging identity to inspire the future entrepreneurs of this generation, and beyond
    King's Rebrand Result

    What’s next?

    We’re now working on a new project with the Institute celebrating their first 100 ventures. Watch this space…

    King's rebrand 5

    A thoroughly enjoyable process and brilliant end result. You are all super open-minded and receptive, which makes your team a joy to work with!

    Director, Entrepreneurship Institute

    King’s College London

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