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GA4 Setup &

What’s GA4?

Whether you need GA4 setting up from scratch, or want an expert eye to review your account, Arke can help. Let us help you take your analytics game to the next level.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) provides website analytics and insights to businesses to enhance their reporting capabilities, improve data accuracy, and drive growth. This service includes GA4 implementation, property audits and tracking implementations.

With expert guidance, GA4 can help to future-proof your business by developing effective analytics strategies, optimised data collection, and achieving competitive advantages. By leveraging advanced metrics and industry best practices, we help companies to maximise their data-driven decision-making and adapt to evolving market trends.

Why choose Arke?

At Arke we believe that all good marketing should be underpinned with a robust analytics and data strategy. The most important thing for our clients are excellent results, and being able to track and analyse this data underpins that.

Our team of qualified experts will accurately configure your GA and GTM, including supporting your migration to GA4. Our approach ensures you collect all the data needed for evidence-based decision making across marketing activity, across digital activities, from lead generation to the final stages in the marketing funnel.

Our GA4 Services

Our team of industry experts offer a range of GA4 services, such as:

Platforms we work with:

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