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The brief was to create a two minute animation that built awareness of the Institute, showcasing its proposition to prospective members found amongst the King’s College London staff, alumni and students. As this served as an awareness piece, the animation needed to get people involved in their community. This was the audience’s first time hearing about the Institute and was designed as an ongoing brand piece.


We began by breaking down what the Institute did to ensure we reflected the organisation correctly throughout the animation. An example of this is the ecosystem scene, shown below, where key points of growth and contrast were used. The contrasting imagery of plants and nature symbolises growth, and London’s buildings, to not only contrast the point, but to represent the institute being in London.


We created visually interesting scenes, playing with scale, content and colour, to represent abstract concepts in the script, and ensure audience engagement throughout the entire animation.


The outcome of this project was a unique two minute animation promoting and spreading awareness of the Institute. The video has been used across social platforms, as well as being shown during Welcome Week, to create greater engagement and interest in the Institute, helping to explain why entrepreneurial thinking is an important and diverse skill to learn.


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