The Challenge

Increase film sales and expand the customer base & registrants by innovatively targeting a new demographic with 50% less budget. 


1.   Reach wider audiences with a new film genre – older Formula 1 Fans
2.  Increase the number of direct release purchases
3.  Increase purchases across Curzon Home Cinema back-catalogue
4.  Increase the number of customer registrations on their website
5.  Reduce media spend wastage



We utilised customer data, Google Analytics insights & platform expertise to inform our creative strategy alongside highly relevant audiences. Lookalike and retargeting audiences – from the customer base – were combined with targeted segments of engaged F1 fans, of an age to remember the infamous Frank Williams crash, as well as women in STEM roles, reflective of the female F1 Team’s principal. Creative varied for each audience segment to allow extensive optimisation. The campaign extended over three phases, two phases of experimentation to build brand awareness and a launch phase to convert engagement into film purchases and new registrants.


Identify which audiences and their associated creative would be the top converting combination using 20% of the total budget.


We strategically partnered with Silk Factory, a creative agency based in Soho. This unique collaboration resulted in key messages and creatives crafted to engage the target audiences designed specifically to seamlessly appear across a variety of platforms. From this partnership, and in concordance with the results obtained from the phases of experimentation, 96 adverts were created for 14 customer segments.


Improved page visits and page session

By 35%

Reduced CPC

By 27%

Increased purchases

By 71%

Reduced bounce rate

By 37%

less budget spend

Improved conversion rate

By 144%

Reduced cost-per-conversion

By 72%

What's Next

Following the amazing results that we obtained on this campaign, Curzon Home Cinema decided to drive our partnership further and have entrusted us with all their future campaigns promoting their brand, top 5 films every month as well as their premium movie releases.

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