The Challenge

Over a 5-year period (2013-2018), the number of children in care in the UK has risen by 8%, now totalling 700,000. During the same period, children being placed for adoption has fallen by a staggering 30% to only 2,500, children being adopted in 2018.

First4Adoption, the national leading voice for children in care, reached out to Arke to help improve these struggling deficits. Using the launchpad of National Adoption Week in October 2019, we set out to achieve the following:

1. In 2019, raise awareness of the adoption process and First4Adoption
2. In 2019, improve targeting and quality of prospect via website
3. In 2019, connect potential adopters with their local adoption agency

Arke's strategy

For our content to truly resonate with our target audiences: general public, government and charities, we started by conducting deep dive social listening experiments. This exercise showed us that our target audiences were strongly opinionated on two main challenges: the adoption process and the stigma surrounding adoption – these valuable insights gave clear direction to our messaging, creative and content strategy.

The creative used for this campaign, optimised for all devices, depicted an honest and informative image of the adoption process, putting adoptive parents at the centre of this narrative.

Arke's strategy - continued

Informed by our discovery process, we tailored our approach, so it took the form of a dual campaign, focusing on two audience segments identified. Behavioural and contextual targeting was enforced to reduce wasted media spend and improve conversion outcomes.

To ensure a maximal reach, we further targeted people who had already engaged with First4Adoption’s (or similar service’s) social content or website. The campaign was continually optimised to maximise conversion amongst our target audiences.

980 people took the first step and searched for their local agency

Achieved a cost-per-conversion of £14.51

82% of website visitors were first-time visitors

12,000 people visited the First4Adoption website during the campaign

What's Next

We are now working with the DFE to look at how we can further improve adoption rates within the UK, using the latest in digital innovations.

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