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    The Challenge

    Throughout 2017 & 2018, Arke was tasked with assisting Regent’s through their digital transformation. This included auditing and refining Regent’s website / student journey, Google Analytics, SEO and to create a paid media strategy to increase applications, student enquiries, website visitors and engagement.

    Five objectives:

    1. Increase applications (with a 20% UK audience and 80% EU / International split)
    2. Increase enquiries of high-quality students
    3. Increase website traffic which has low bounce rates & higher time on site
    4. Increase engagement across social channels
    5. Increase brand awareness globally
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    One of our Google Analytics IQ Certified Partners audited Regent’s analytics accounts to understand the accuracy of reporting, whether it reported what was needed to make decisions and how audiences were being utilised.

    A CRO audit was carried out by our best-selling author & CRO specialist which enabled Regent’s and their Web Development agency to build a new website reflecting the needs of their prospective students, whilst optimising their conversion journey.

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    A detailed measurement framework was created which instructed the implementation across the whole site, meaning detailed performance stats were now available down to programme, subject, student type and platform.

    Analytics was then synced to all ad platforms to enabling smart optimisation techniques, allowing for customer journeys to be analysed to inform campaign strategies. This also informed our SEO and Paid Media strategy to ensure paid supported organic activity.

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    From this, a variety of remarketing models have been produced, alongside granular new audiences and lookalike segments to vastly improve outcomes against objectives throughout the student recruitment year. A/B testing of creative has been critical in not only driving ROI but also improving customer experiences, engagement and brand awareness. When Regent’s entered into clearing in 2018, this rolled off the back of their ‘Always On’ strategy generating a 200% increase in quality ‘offers made’ in 2 days in comparison to the entire month of August the previous year.

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    The results speak for themselves. We’re learning so much about our messaging and audiences, the senior leadership team are really impressed. Thank you!

    Head of Brand, Recruitment & Marketing

    Regent’s University London

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